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November 22, 2014











Hat: Target, similar here; Flannel: Thrifted and DIY dip dyed (Tutorial below), you can find ready-made ones to purchase here; Pants: HM (and DIY distressed), similar here;  Boots: Target, similar here


So last night I was on Instagram, and someone posted a super cool dip dyed flannel shirt, and I REALLY wanted it. I browsed the website it was from and contemplated texting my husband to ask if I should get one. But I didn’t. If you all have followed me for any length of time, you will know that a lot of the stuff I wear is pretty inexpensive. I love fashion and the changing styles and would love to be able to have an endless supply of shopping funds. But, I don’t. So I’ve learned to look for deals and or wait til things go on clearance or sale unless I REALLY want it.

Sooo fast forward a few hours, and I was at the Goodwill and saw this flannel. Initially I was eyeing it actually just as a regular old flannel. I decided not to purchase it and actually left the Goodwill to go home. Then alllll of the sudden, I was like, “Wait. I can MAKE a dip dyed flannel.” I’m not sure why it didn’t occur to me sooner! I literally turned my car around and went back to the Goodwill and got the flannel. I could not get home soon enough to make it. I didn’t even Google how to do it. (I also don’t like following recipes. I like to figure it out myself. 😛 ) I could hardly stand waiting for it to get bleached! I stayed up too late so I could finish it completely, and I’m obsessed with how it came out! The cool part is the every flannel will come out differently so if you make one, it will be super unique! Below is a little tutorial! I will do my best to explain it  but let me know if you have any questions! And I apologize for the photo quality. It was dark in my house, and some of the photos were on my phone only.


Dip Dye Flannel DIY:

1). Get a flannel or plaid shirt (or use one you have); I got mine in the boys section at Goodwill for $6


2) Tie a rubberband or hair tie around the middle of the shirt, sleeves included. You can move the rubber band higher or lower depending upon how much of the shirt you want to be bleached!


3) Get a bucket, and fill it with water. Add bleach. I did a ratio of about 3:1 of water to bleach. I just used bleach I already had at home and thus didn’t have a full container of it so I diluted it with water so that I could have enough water in the bucket to submerge the shirt. If you have more bleach, use more! It will just speed up the process.

4) Submerge the shirt in the water/bleach up to the rubberband line, and let it soak. It does not have to be exactly at the line, just close! The vintage look that we are going for allows for the process to not be perfect! Let it soak for 1-2 hours. (My shirt started out darker so it took longer. The amount of bleach you use and the color of the shirt may shorten the soaking time!)


5) Once the shirt has reach the desired color, remove the rubberband, and rinse the shirt thoroughly in the sink to make sure all the bleach is out (so it doesn’t bleed on any other parts of the shirt).

6) Wash and dry the shirt. And VOILA! Happy DIY-ing! Tag me @mox_ie on Instagram if you make one. I can’t wait to see!

IMG_8804-0.JPG   IMG_8806-0.JPG

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