How to Wear Dresses with Pants

December 9, 2014














Dress: Shop Ruche, similar here, here and here; Leggings: Kaitlyn, similar here and here Shoes: Lolashoetique here


Wearing dresses with pants can be a tricky trend to get just right. And if you don’t get it right, it looks really wrong. There’s a fine line between cute and frumpy in my opinion when wearing dresses with pants. Soooo I go by one big rule when I’m wearing dresses with pants. If mama wouldn’t let me out of the house in the dress, then it’s probably perfect with pants. Aka if the goods come tumbling out when you twist or bend just right, then you found a winner! 😛 There are a few other things to think about as well. I typically pick some dresses with shape like the one above. Even though I know we all have some cute body con dresses that we hide in the back of our closet for nights out with our girlfriends (you give me some 90’s hip hop at home, and I might not even need a girls night out), those aren’t the best with pants, especially jeans! They create one solid line with the shape of your body and also get sort of crinkled up. So dresses with an a-line cut or some type of shaped skirt would be a great choice. You want to accentuate a smaller waist so that when it flows into your pants, your shape isn’t lost! And the short the better! Save the longer ones to wear with tights or by themselves!

Funnily enough I took these photos before I decided to do Dressember but it ended up working out perfectly! Guys. I am having a very hard time with this whole Dressember thing. I wanna wear what I wanna wear when I wanna wear it! I literally have NEVER made such a mess of my closet every single time I get dressed. I usually am a wear-the-first-outfit-I-put-on type of girl, not much changing. Not with this Dressember thing though! I just can’t decide what to wear. I have a few great dresses that are perfect for layering but I absolutely hate wearing the same thing all the time. It’s one of my pet peeves. So I’m trying to change up my outfits. Which I guess just is meaning I’m changing a million times before I figure out what want to wear. So basically I just have to clean my closet and rehang a ton of things every day. Or not. But then it’s a mess. Blah. Prayers appreciated. 😛

Love you all! Thank you for reading. You da bomb.



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