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January 27, 2015

Sooo if you didn’t know already from Instagram and my blog, I just spent a week in Denver, Colorado visiting Alena. We met (I say met, but we were Insta, text, phone call friends only until October when she visited me) almost a year ago when I first started blogging and became such great friends that we have now each visited each other once! We had THE best time together. We drank tons of coffee, did photo shoots (including this one which might be my favorite shoot to date), met up with a few other bloggers, shared endless laughs and some heart to hearts. She showed me around Denver, and we also went up to Strawberry Hot Springs which was one of the coolest places I’ve ever been! I had the most amazing time and am so thankful that Alena and her hubby let me invade their space for a whole week. Below are some pictures capturing some of the memories we made and more about what we did! Love you all. xoxoxo

2015/01/img_5517.png                   View of the Rocky Mountains from the plane!

2015/01/img_5529.jpgOur very first selfie together.

2015/01/img_5559.jpgThe very first morning after I got there, it was snowing, and I HAD to go for a run in it!

2015/01/img_5831.jpgYup. So happy post run, complete with snow in my hair.

2015/01/img_5612.jpgWe got to have a coffee date with Karissa, and oh my so fun. She is the sweetest thing ever, and I love her blog, and you probably should check out her YouTube channel too because ummm cutest. Blogging has been such a fun way to meet new friends everywhere I go!

2015/01/img_5749.jpgHeading to Union Station for photo shoots. They probably thought we were cray because we kept coming in wearing different outfits. 😛

2015/01/img_5766.jpgSelf Timers are the BEST. Had to document all our outfits together too! Be on the lookout for posts on both our blogs, featuring these looks!




2015/01/img_5866.jpgMore selfies. #obvi

2015/01/img_5891.jpgTHE best chip and guac at The Source.

2015/01/img_5894.jpgAsked a kind man to take our photo.

2015/01/img_5942.jpgGetting ready calls for a mirror selfie.  😛

2015/01/img_5907.png                                   So does going out? Missing my shoes because they were down by the door! Heading out to sushi with Alena and Carolina. More new friends!

2015/01/img_5940.jpgDespite the fact that is was about 30 degrees out, we had to go to Little Man’s Ice Cream in Denver. I’m pretty sure I would eat ice cream even if I was in Arctic swimming with the polar bears. (This previously said Antarctica but I was like hmm maybe I should check out my science facts before posting. Good thing I did. 😛 ) Alena says the line for Little Man’s usually wraps around the block! Lucky for us, it was a little shorter so we didn’t have to stand in the cold too long! I went all out with a double scoop of Coffee Toffee and Honey Almond in waffle cone. #gobigorgohome And I see why the line is so long. It was DELISH.

2015/01/img_5996.jpgWe stopped on our way to our hotel at a pretty bridge to take some photos. Pretty sure these ones right below are the best. 😛 (Thanks for being such a good sport, Surge!)




2015/01/img_5995.jpgAll bundled up to head to the hot springs.

2015/01/img_5994.jpgI still can’t get over the fact that there are hot springs in the middle of the freezing cold mountains. God is freaking amazing.

2015/01/img_5993.png                      19 degrees and counting…

2015/01/img_6104.jpgHaving breakfast at the cutest little mom and pop breakfast joint before we headed home.

2015/01/img_6105.jpgJumping because idk maybe we just wanted to be cute or maybe we really liked the red door or maybe we had too much coffee. (The correct answer is all of the above.)

2015/01/img_6107.jpgThe drive home from Strawberry Hot Springs was incredible. (Minus the five hours of traffic. But we made up for it with one last stop at H and M and some Buffalo Wild Wings )

2015/01/img_6178-0.jpgOur very last selfie together. #tear. Love this girl!

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