Mom Jeans

January 7, 2015





^^^Not sure why but I felt the “Single Ladies” dance was in order so I went with it




^^^Dat long bootayyy line tho 😛





Crop Top: American Eagle, similar here; Vest: Thrifted; Denim: Thrifted, similar here and here; Boots: Forever 21 (sold out), similar here

Before mom jeans were “mom jeans” what did our mom’s call them? Are our skinny jeans going to be the new mom jeans in twenty years. Who knows? Guess we’ll have to see. What I DO know though is that I made fun of my mom when I was younger for her jeans she wore like these. I used to always say “Moooom, how the heck do you wear pants that are SO high?!” Now I wished she saved them and gave them to me. Heck, for all I know these are hers, or maybe even YOUR mom’s. I found these at the thrift store for $2! I know. Some of you are thinking well duh there’s a reason they were only two dollars. I know they’re not that flattering on the behind and lend themselves to a giant camel toe (#realtalk) but I honestly kind of love them. The fit and cut really accentuates the waist. They are the perfect pant to wear with a crop top. The looseness of the jeans complements the fitted crop! (Also, if you’re wondering why I am wearing a crop top in the middle of the winter, well it was 80 degrees yesterday, and I probably should have been at the beach.) In other news, I had plans to distress these jeans but wanted to wear them just once pre-distressing so this is actually the only time you will see them in this state.

This was Day 4 since washing my hair so a braid and ponytail are the perfect solution! Just do a Dutch fishtail or regular Dutch along the side, spritz a little dry shampoo on your roots, tease the front of your hair, pull it into a ponytail and voila, the perfect dirty hair day solution! I also always wrap a strand of hair from my ponytail around the elastic to hide it. Makes it look like a style instead of just a ponytail. 😛

P.S. Last night the most exciting thing ever happened. I booked my ticket to Colorado to see my blogger bestie, Alena of Modaprints. We had our first “blind date” when she came to visit in October, and now that all the awkwardness of meeting and making sure we like each other is over, I’m looking forward to the best week ever! (Seriously almost was like boy/girl stuff. Bahahaha. 😛 ) I’m so excited to go be in the snow and sip coffee and take way too many photos. Yippee. It will also be the perfect distraction for missing my hubs.

Hope you all have the best day! I’m off to a busy day in the salon!



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