January 19, 2015












Overalls: H and M, similar here; Shirt: TJ Maxx, similar here; Shoes: Forever 21, similar here; Necklace: Triple Thread, similar here and here; Headband: Forever 21, similar here and here; Lips: Wet n Wild Pinkerbell

So I’ve taken to just documenting my outfits on my wearing on a day to day basis! That’s what you want to see anyways, right? Real life stuff! Yes, I will sometimes put together a cute outfit just for a shoot that inspires me, but chances are I’ll still wear it sometime. My hubby took these photos for me last week after I got home from work! I honestly would basically do blog photos almost every single day in whatever I’m wearing because it’s so easy. Just come home, snap a few, and boom, I have a blog post. But still it can be a little time consuming, so sometimes I’m hesitant for the first thing I do when I get home is ask the hubby to do photos. Wellllll, lucky for me, I walked in the door, and he said, ” You look cute. Wanna do photos?” Ummmmm yes please. And you’re perfect for me. 😛

I’m still super into the overall trend. I don’t care what any of all ya’ll say, I think they’re cute. Even if you wore them as a kid. I did too, so you can’t use that one on me. I love these ones I snagged at H and M because they sort of have a business-y look to them. But I of course had to make them fun with my bright headband, lips, necklace and cheerleader posing.

How was everyone’s weekend? My Saturday was ABSOLUTELY cray at the salon! For some reason, everyone decided last minute that they wanted their hair done that day! And I felt bad because I’m going out of town so I took ummmm practically everyone who asked. 😛 Thankfully, it flowed really smoothly! No one was too late, and I didn’t get behind at all even with squeezing everyone in. #thankyousweetjesus So after that crazy night, I naturally spent all of Saturday night in bed watching Gilmore Girls. I even drove through El Pollo Loco for dinner because I didn’t want to cook. For any of you that know me, you know I NEVER do that. So needless to say I was beat! Hubby came home from his 24-hour shift Sunday morning, and we had a relaxing day filled with family, church, and ice cream. #duh

I leave tomorrow to Colorado to see my blogger bestie, Alena! Can’t wait. Pray I don’t freeze. K, bye.




Shoutout to my cutest hubby for always being so great and taking my photos. Don’t know how I’d blog without out you, but I know I wouldn’t want to.

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