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January 26, 2015













Button Up: Forever 21 here Crop Sweater: Thrifted, similar here and here; Leggings: Triple Thread, similar here; Trench Coat: HM, similar here and here; Boots: Shop Reflection, similar here; Black Bow: Forever 21 here

So lucky lucky me the very first morning after I arrived in Denver, I woke up to snow. I can’t really explain it but snow makes me feel like a giddy school girl. It makes me all excited and full of joy. Something about it just reminds me of how creative and amazing God is.  Alena was actually making breakfast, and it was snowing outside, and I couldn’t contain myself so I asked if she would mind if I went for a quick run in the snow. She looked at me like I was crazy, but I went anyway. I don’t know why but I just love it so much. I obviously haven’t run in the snow much but anytime it’s raining outside at home, I go for a run. Even if it’s POURING. It just makes me so happy, and I forget about everything going on and just enjoy God’s beautiful creation.

After my run, I got dressed in this outfit, and we went out for shopping and photos. #duh I was so excited that I was finally able to wear this sweater. Even though, it’s a crop, it’s crazy thick, and doesn’t really work in California. 😛 Being here has really made me wish it was slightly cooler in the OC so I could layer my clothing every once in a while! I love a good white button up for layering, and this one is perfect. It’s actually from the Forever 21 men’s section. I’ve found that sometimes women’s ones can be more boxy than straight so a men’s one can usually do the trick. I’ve also raided the men’s section for button ups at Jesus’ favorite store: Target (one with Starbucks inside) #obvi.

Our only shopping this whole week consisted of H and M (but we went twice!). They were having a CRAY sale where everything that was already clearanced was an additional 50% off. I got a ton of stuff. I’m actually hoping I don’t get in trouble at the airport today for my bag being too heavy. #whoops You’ll be seeing some of my treasures here soon and on Instagram. I hope you all made it to the sale too. If not, you should check if it’s still happening! We were there yesterday, and it was but I don’t know if it was only for last week. Funny story. Alena and I are the EXACT same kind of shoppers. We love a good deal. We’ll be out and see stuff that’s not even that expensive, and be like “Nah, that’s too much. It’ll be cheaper in a few weeks.” Or even with the HM sale, we wanted to know we were getting a freaking steal. So if it didn’t make us feel like that, even though every single thing was so cheap, we didn’t get it. 😛

I have lots more stories about our trip but you’ll get a whole blog post soon about that complete with pictures. We made a lot of memories, and I can’t wait for the next time we get to see each other! For now though, I’m so excited to get home and cuddle my hubby! I’m pretty sure this is the longest I’ve been away since we got married, and I miss his kisses!

Love you all! Thanks for reading!



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