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January 5, 2015













Denim Shirt: Levi’s here; Lace Dress: Hurley, simliar here; Tights: Nordstrom Rack, similar here; Boots: Forever 21, similar here; Hat: Forever 21 here; Scarf: Forever 21, sold out, similar here and here; Purse: Susie’s Deals, similar here; Lipstick: NYX Indie Flick here


Happy Monday! So far today I’ve drank several cups of coffee, went on a seven mile run with my little sister and hit up our local Salvation Army with her where I found some amazing treasures that I’m sure you will be seeing on here! It’s crazy but at the Salvation Army by my parents’ house, every piece of clothing is $2! Always. And they have some bomb stuff. If you live near Anaheim, you should totally check it out. Speaking of thrifted pieces, my gram got this Levi’s denim shirt at a thrift store and gave it to Ben. But he never wears it so I officially made it mine. 😛 (Also, seriously the thing is really good quality but I had NO idea how expensive it would be full price. Seriously click on that link up there and check it out. 😛 ) I absolutely love this outfit. It feels very “me”. Even Ben kept saying how much he loved it because it was “my kind of outfit”. I love love love wearing all different sorts of pieces and trying new things but if I had to pick one style to stick to, this would be it. I’m in love with this scarf. I need to get another one so I don’t over-wear this one. 😛 And if you don’t have a blanket scarf yet, get on it!

Today I wanted to share a little about dealing with expectations. Or maybe more like process because I’m not sure if I’ve figured anything out yet. 😛 Yesterday my hubby was supposed to come home from work in the morning (he works 24 hour shifts), and it was supposed to be the start of four glorious days off that we would be spending together. I was super excited because I really haven’t seen him for more than a few sleepy hours since Wednesday. We had even thrown out the idea of camping for a couple nights. And I get through those days where I don’t see him and don’t even get to sleep in the same bed as him by looking forward to the time off that he has. Well Friday when he came home, he told me he had had to change his schedule in order to get off time this coming weekend for his Marine Reserve Training. Which basically means now I won’t see him til Thursday plus he will gone all weekend in San Diego. (I’m pretty sure they trick you into thinking 24-hour shifts are super great because you have more days off, but they forgot to mention the part where you have to sleep most of the next day after you get off 😛 ) Anyways, the second he told me I just started crying. A lot. I was expecting to be able to spend time with my best friend, and now it had all changed. I don’t know if my expectations are too much or if I’m just bad at handling when they need to change. I honestly just think I miss my hubby. This whole schedule is so new, and I’m still not sure how to process it all. Will I ever think it’s easy? Or is it just always going to suck when things change or he misses an important event? I know God has a plan in all this, and I literally couldn’t be more happy for Ben because he absolutely loves his job. Maybe it’s just a matter of my learning to adjust more easily and go with the flow and be thankful for the time we do have together. If any of you have any wise words, I would love to hear. Thank you for reading. I love to use this space to share fashion stuff but I also want to be real! Life isn’t all about the next outfit you’re wearing. We’re all going through highs and lows all the time. And I want to be as transparent as I can in sharing about them.




P.S. He IS actually the best though and knows how to make me laugh even when he’s gone. I always joke and use words like “IDK” and “OMG” to annoy him so this made me LOL.


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