Thrifted Treasures

March 16, 2015

Dress: Thrifted, similar color here; Shoes: Lolashoetique here; Necklace: Pretty Pants here

There’s just something about a good thrift find. I could find the same dress for a decent price at a regular store and not be nearly as excited about it. Something about the thrill of the hunt. You go into a thrift store full of mostly stuff that you also don’t want in your closet anymore either, but come out with a gem (Get it? It’s a pun because the dress is EMERALD green 😛 ), and it’s like you won a prize. I love the excitement of thrifting. It’s so fun to find a treasure buried amidst the musty clothes. (By the way. Brittany from Thrifts and Threads told me she uses OxyClean to get rid of that smell, and it totally works. Also, follow her. She posts the most amazing thrifted finds and always inspires me!).

Now, about this dress. To someone else who just saw it on the rack, it might look like a grandma robe. In fact, I showed it to a friend, and she said exactly that. But the second I saw it, I was drawn by the color and knew it could be shaped up simply by adding a belt to it. And GUESS WHAT. It was $2. TWO DOLLARS!!! The Salvation Army in Anaheim is basically a store where all the clothes that don’t sell get taken, and every clothing item is always $2. It’s crazy. And I find something every time I go in there. So take that little secret, and run with it. Or don’t. Because you could just leave it all for me instead. 😛

How was everyone’s weekend? Hubby was gone for the weekend so I had a girl’s sleepover with my old roommate and bff, and it was so fun just talking and eating ice cream and watching a movie. And the next morning, we had her bridal brunch for all her bridesmaids at my house so it was a fun weekend full of lots of girl time! I do miss the hubby oh so much though. We don’t get much time together since he’s in the fire academy, and I can’t wait for this weekend because we at least will have one day together. Heavenly. Hope you have the best week! I’m over here struggling to wake up. I’m hoping as soon as my coffee is ready, that will help because I have to be at work in an hour! 😛

P.S. I’ll probably be filming a tutorial on this hair do later this week! It’s much easier that it might look!



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