Fashion Rules

March 19, 2015

Top: Thrifted; Shorts: Nordstrom Rack, similar here; Boots: DSW here

Oh heyyyyy. Happy Thursdayyyy. How is everyone? Is it funny I feel like I haven’t “talked” to you all in SO long. Bahaha. I think because my Monday post I just talked about thrifting, not my life. Sounds a little funny, but I totally feel like ya’ll are missing out on my life. I mean you must care since you’re here. 😛 Soooo, in case you were wondering, here’s a little update: I got my hair did yesterday. And I’m so happy. You know your hair is bad when you go to cousin slash hairdresser’s house to see her six week old baby, and she’s like ummm I’m doing your hair. So she totally did. While holding the baby in her wrap. Speaking of him, he’s the cutest. (See what I mean on Snapchat: mox_ie. Go now before it expires.) I love babies! They smell so good, and are so tiny. #hearteyes. Anyways, that was my most exciting day all week because I didn’t work so I’ll leave you with that for now. 😛

So when I put together this outfit, I actually texted Alena a photo and asked her if I could wear it for a post because it’s not super “springy”. And she was like you do what you want girrrrrl. And then I started asking myself why I cared, and who decided that certain colors are only for certain times of year. You don’t really have to explain to me why spring is always full of brights and pastels and fun patterns and lightweight materials and why fall is usually darker colors and more subdued patterns and heavier fabrics. I totally get it. Hello, I’m from the place where it was 90 degrees and beach weather last week, and sunshine makes me want to wear happy, bright things. But who’s to say sometimes you can’t just put on what you want no matter what the season and rock it! The answer is no one. So if you wanna wear black all year round, you do you, girl. And if I want to wear my leather shorts, knee highs, and crazy jewel tone shirt, I’m gonna do it. And I promise you’ll still see springy things coming too. But this day, this is what I was feeling so I went with it. So my advice is don’t worry too much about the rules of fashion. In fact, I say we apply the first rule of Fight Club. Don’t talk about it. 😛

Also, I LOVED this hairstyle I did this day! It was fairly simple so I will be doing a tutorial soon! It will be the perfect summer hair!

As always, thanks for reading!



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