French Fishtail Ponytail

March 27, 2015

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Crystal Necklace: Forever 21 here (You all NEED this necklace. It’s only $4 and the perfect layering piece. It’s actually a little longer than shown here because it wasn’t pulled down, and I wear it basically every day with my anniversary bar necklace)/

Soooo it’s only been two weeks since I made a tutorial but for some reason it feels like forever. I don’t know why but getting a tutorial recorded and edited feels like such an accomplishment. But really it’s not even that hard! I think it’s just finally getting myself to sit down and do it! And I’ve had some practice with the editing so it goes pretty quick. The only hard part is when I fumble over my words or don’t make sense and so I have re-record it. Lame. 😛

Time for a funny story. Every single dang time I’m nervous or talking in front of crowds my chest turns all red. Like I’ll literally never forget the time I was in high school singing in the worship band on Sunday morning for the first and so freaking nervous. Afterwards, I asked my friend if my voice was shakey or if he could tell I was nervous. And he’s all no, you sounded fine, but I knew you were nervous because your chest turned red. GREAT. Secret’s out. Guess I’ll be wearing turtle necks for the rest of my life. Wellll for some reason, the other day when I was recording this tutorial, I got nervous! I didn’t even notice until I went to take the photo for the tutorial and looked at it and saw. I actually really wanted to wait a little until it calmed down and retake the photo. But I had to get to work so I couldn’t. And instead you get to see my red chest and learn a fun fact about me. I obviously edited it a little so it’s not super bad, but I’m not a photoshop girl (ain’t nobody got time for that) so you can still see. BTW I have no idea why I was nervous. I guess I was in a hurry, and every once in a while when I’m doing a hairstyle, I’m recording it but to be honest I have no idea if I’m making sense or if you can see everything I’m talking about. So maybe that’s why? I don’t know. 😛

So I’m really excited because after today my hubby and I have THREE WHOLE DAYS TOGETHER. WAIT, WHAT?! Unheard of. We are going up to Lake Arrowhead with a few friends to a cabin, and I’m so excited. So much bae time I don’t even know what to do with myself. I’ll start with the happy dance.


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For my girls with short hair or who prefer to wear their hair down, here’s another variation of the style! Instead of gathering your hair into a ponytail like I did at the end of the tutorial, just pull the braid to the back, pin and voila! It would also look super cute with your hair curled! Can’t wait to see you girls recreate this! If you do, don’t forget to tag me so I can see!

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