March 5, 2015

Dress: Forever 21 (purchased in store and didn’t see it online! 🙁 ) Similar here; Backpack/Purse: Forever 21 here; Shoes: Foot Locker, same here

Happy Thursday! Has anyone else been LOVING the tennis shoe trend lately! Buy the right pair, and you can literally pair them with anything! I obviously own TONS of tennis shoes for running and CrossFit but they weren’t the right pair for styling with an outfit. I do have some New Balances that are cute but they’re a tiny bit too big, so I tend to not wear them a ton! Soooo I FINALLY splurged on some Nikes. For those who know me or have been following my blog for a while, you know splurging is not my thing. I always like to find a good deal. I even almost bought a pair of Nikes that weren’t exactly what I wanted just because they were on sale. Luckily the hubby stopped me. I am so in love with my new shoes! I have been wearing them with everything, and they are literally probably THE most comfortable pair of shoes I own right now. I also am so excited about all the tropical print that is everywhere! It started coming out last summer and will still be around this year! I found this cute shift in store at Forever but couldn’t find it online. Boo. But I linked another option or maybe just check your local stores!

Sooo, I have a fun giveaway for you today to win this white backpack purse in today’s post! Backpacks have been everywhere lately, and to be honest I’m gonna be a little sad packing this up and sending it off. 😛 But I love you all so I’ll get over it. All you have to do to enter is be following me on Instagram, and also subscribe to my blog. You can do that by clicking on the right hand corner menu above and entering your email. Easy peasy. And then whenever I post something new, you will get an email so you don’t always have to check, and it just works out for the both of us. 😛 The winner will be announced next week!

I hope you all are having a great week! Mine has been busy with work and making people pretty at the salon plus trying to make the 1.5 hours I have to see my hubby every day count. I miss him so much! He can’t even text during the day, and I didn’t realize how used to it I was. So every time he comes home, I feel like we don’t even have time to catch up and hang out plus do all the little things like making dinner and laundry and all that. So I’m just really really really excited for Sunday to get here so we can actually spend time together. Hurry up, Weekend!



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