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April 1, 2015

Dress: Fashion Young, similar here; Boots: Marshall’s, almost exact here; Sock: Target, similar here

Please tell me you know where I got my post title from. 😛 I’m a little obsessed with country music, and so when I went to type something about swing dresses into the post title box, these lyrics from Trace Adkins’ song popped into my head, and so I went with it. I got this dress about two weeks ago, and I think I’ve worn it at least five times. It’s AMAZING. It’s so comfy and light and airy and can be layered all sorts of ways and even paired with shorts, denim and leggings. Plus I feel like it’s so flattering! And I’ve decided everyone needs a swing dress. I’m not sure if that’s the official name, but that’s what we’re gonna call it so roll with me. I snagged this dress for $11 at a local fashion store. I so wish they had an online store but if you are local, you should definitely check out Fashion Young in Westminster. They have amazing prices on brands that are normally much higher priced in other boutiques. BUT I’m not gonna leave you hanging there. I’ve found all of my favorite swing dresses online ranging from solids to patterns and linked them below. And the best part is none of them are over $50! And one is even $10! I really love the palm print one (I’ve been obsessed with palm print lately. These are coming in the mail, and I can’t wait.), the pink check one, and the leopard one! Just click on the picture, and it will take you to the site where it’s from! (P.S. I apologize if any of you got an email last night about my post! I was trying to figure out something with my blog, and it wasn’t working so I wanted to see if I published it if it would work. Sad to say it didn’t so I had to work extra to get my post just right. Blogging is a lot more than pretty pictures and a few words written on a post. All the behind the scenes work can be so tedious! It does get easier and easier every time though. Until I want to change things. 😛 )

My bff Dayena just moved back from Portland, and I’m so excited because she does photography as a hobby, and now I have her to help do photos some. She took these not far from my house at this pretty little field where all these flowers were blooming. I can’t wait to do some more exploring with her and take more photos!

Hope you all are having a good week! Mine has been busy with work! I celebrated ten years as a hairstylist yesterday, and I literally can’t believe I’ve been doing hair that long!

Thank you so much for reading and following along! Happy shopping!







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