Never Ending Fun 👫

April 20, 2015


     Tee: H&M (sold out); Jeans: Articles of Society c/o here; Sandals: Forever 21 here; Hat: Target (sold out), similar here

When I saw this tee on the clearance rack at H&M, I HAD to have it. Just looking at it made me smile and think of my hubby and how life with him is just that “never ending fun”. 😍 But then as I’m writing this, I’ve been on the couch sick literally the entire weekend. I got some sort of stomach bug, and it’s been knocking the life out of me. The worst part is that this was our first weekend together for more than an hour in over two weeks, and I had had visions of beaches and coffee dates and snuggles and laughter. But then as I joked yesterday, our life together IS “in sickness and in health”, right?! 😛 So maybe the never ending fun is just about the fact that we get to be married and wake up together and do life together, the good things and the bad things, which includes the sick days. Am I right?! But seriously I cried a little. I could go for a do-over for sure on this weekend. We did get out for a little yesterday when I thought I was better for a breaky and Target date? I mean, is there anything better?! 🎯 ☕️And at least I have Stagecoach to look forward to this weekend.

When I first got these sandals, I have to admit they were a little awkward to walk in with the platform sole. I mean I haven’t had shoes with a platform since those Volatile giant platform sandal days in junior high. (Seriously, not sure what I we all were thinking…😂) But now, I am loving them so much. And definitely want to add some more to my collection! Like maybe these and these. Also if you have been on the hunt for a good pair of distressed white denim, these are it. I seriously wear them ALL the time! Annnnd if you haven’t jumped on the hat train, what the heck are you waiting for?! I think my count is at about seven or eight of these type of hats. I love them so much because on the days I wear them, I seriously don’t even brush my hair. I mean how’s that for saving time?!

Guess what I was doing last year on this very day? Running the Boston Marathon. One of my best running buddies I went with is actually there right now doing it again, and it’s kinda making me wish I was there too running! Megan, YOU ROCK. I took a little hiatus from running marathons after doing three over the course of a year and a half. But I’m starting to feel the itch again! So maybe I’ll do another one within the next year. If you want to read about my Boston Marathon experience, you can do that here.

Thank you all for coming by!



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