Denim Skirt and I Love You

May 18, 2015

                             Tee: TJ Maxx, cute graphic tee here and similar here; Jacket: Tobi c/o here (on sale!); Denim Skirt: American Eagle via TJ Maxx, similar here; Shoes: Converse here

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Mine was busy, even though I was off work! I went to a baby shower Saturday and then went to see my little nephews who are THE cutest ever. When I was taking selfies with the older one, he did the cheesiest smile ever, and my cousin said she’s going to practice with him before his Kindergarten picture but I kinda love it. (P.S. If you missed it on Snapchat, I’m sorry, but you should be following me: mox_ie. 😛 ). JK, you can see it here. Sunday I got to sleep in and go running and then spent the day doing a little bit of errands and a little bit of nothing. Oh, by the way I made some bomb twice baked sweet potatoes. I baked the potatoes, then scooped out the middle of them and put it in a bowl and mixed in Greek yogurt (I always use that instead of sour cream), bacon, cilantro and salt and pepper. Then I put the mix back in the skins and baked them a little more. They were AMAZING. And you all should try them.

Now onto this outfit. Yay! Finally a post with my pink hair! So when I saw this denim skirt, I flashed back to my junior high days, and immediately questioned if it was a good purchase. (I mean did anyone else rock the denim skirt WITH leggings under it? 😛 ) Sometimes if I already wore something in my past, I can’t be too sure if it should be revisited. But I’m all about the comeback of overalls, so I figured why not give it a try. Plus I’ve seen Sincerely Jules rocking them, and if she is, you better believe I should be too. And I ended up loving it! There is one small dilemma though. Walking. I can’t do it without having to pull the skirt down every five steps… Is that normal? Oh well. Worth it. I paired it with this super cute tee I found at TJ Maxx that gave me heart eyes and made me think of my hubby so obviously I had to get it. And then I decided to try on my Tobi jacket with it, and loved the look it created. Seriously this jacket is one of my faves. Get it before it’s gone!

Hope you all have the best week! And as always love you guys and thank you for your support!



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