How to Get Pastel Pink Hair

May 7, 2015


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Happy Friday! (Or late Thursday night, if you happen to find this then!) I figured I would just do a quick post about my pink hair! Because I’m sure some of you are wondering how YOU can get the same look! I am a hairstylist, and I highly recommend going to see a licensed stylist to have it done. Plus all the products I use are professional so your hairstylist should have access to them! So as you know, I was a pre-lightened blonde. For anyone wondering I just do highlights (with Redken Flashlift bleach) and a root bump with Redken Gels 8NA. I like a natural blonde look so I also do just the root bump in between (about every four weeks) and end up getting my hair highlighted only every three months. This also keeps my hair super healthy which I’m all about! 💁 Last week I also brightened my ends a little myself because I knew I was going to be doing the pink, and they were a little too gold for the pink to come out pastel-looking. I did this by painting bleach mixed with Olaplex on my ends and just letting it sit for a few minutes. (If your hair is already pre-lightened, you should almost NEVER overlap bleach unless it is being mixed with Olaplex. Olaplex is a professional product added to bleach to protect and condition the hair, and it makes hair miracles possible. #canigetanamen). Also, as you can tell, my roots were still golden, hence why they look darker and a different tone of pink at the root. I didn’t want to bleach all of my hair again, so I just left it but I’m happy with the ombré affect it gave the pink! The color I used for my pink is Schwarkopf BlondeMe Toner in the color Strawberry. This is a professional product and should only be trusted when used and applied by a professional! 😜 Because my hair was pre-lightened, I just mixed it with the BlondeMe developer in 2%/7 Volume. My friend at work, Natalie, applied the color for me. I let it process for twenty minutes, washed it out, and voila! Pink hair! 💕💕 Please be aware this IS just a toner, and these colors tend to fade very fast! I haven’t washed my hair yet but I expect it to lighten up each time I do. It’s totally normal for this to happen. And as with most funky colors of any type, they are something that have to be redone often if you want to maintain the color! I personally am looking forward to the changing in the color as it fades! Make sure to follow me on Instagram to stay up to date with how it fades! Also these toners come in lots of different shades including Lilac, Apricot and Ice! So lots of options if pink isn’t your thing!

And last but not least, if you are in the OC area and want to come see me, I would love to do your hair! 💇💆 You can contact me at Let’s make your hair pink! Or blonde or brown or balayaged. Whatever you want! 🙋 (You can see some of my work at @christinebennetthair on Instagram). Or if you just have any questions at all, please feel free to email me! I would love to answer them!

Whew. I hope that helped all of you out who were wondering about pink hair! And I hope I didn’t break any hairstylist rules by sharing my secrets! But I want you all to be informed and aware of what you’re doing! Plus I’ve had questions about my blonde hair and my pink hair so I figured why not lay it all out in a post!

What do you all have planned for the weekend? I work as usual but I’m also going with my bff so she can try on wedding dresses for her upcoming wedding! Yippee! And of course hang with the hubs and our mamas for Mother’s Day!

Have a great weekend!

SO thankful for all of you!



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