Zeeeee T-Shirt Dress 🏁

May 5, 2015


^^^Dat hair flip do 😛

Tutorial on this hairstyle here     T-Shirt Dress: Sheinside here (Hurry! Only two left!); Slip Dress: Windsor, similar here and here; Shoes: Forever 21 here

When I ordered this t-shirt dress from Sheinside, I actually thought it would be more like an actual graphic tee that I would tuck into jeans, but then when I got it, it was more like a dress, and I was actually pretty excited! It’s a little too short to wear sans the slip underneath but I still love it, and I’ll probably totally still pair it with some skinny jeans too! I just got these heels from Forever (If you read my post last week, you know that our relationship has progressed enough where I shorten their name… 😛 ). Their shoes have been amazing lately! If you have followed for any length of time and paid attention, you will have noticed I very rarely wear heels. I just can’t do those stick thin ones. I seriously look like a freaking flamingo trying to walk. Not to mention they kill my feet. And as much as everyone wants to tell me, beauty is pain, it’s SO not worth it to me. I have wider than your average feet and shoving them into those type of heels just isn’t an option. So if you do ever see me in heels, it’s usually wedges or the occasional chunky heel like the ones above. I’m loving the chunky heel trend because they are totally something I can wear and not worry about having to walk to the car barefoot by the end of the night (anyone else ever done that after a long night? 😛 ) These ones from Forever are perfect for summer, and they also come in pink, white and black!

Guys. I did something crazy yesterday. I dyed my hair pink. It’s subtle. But still. It’s a big deal for me. I have drooling over all the pretty pinks I’ve seen everywhere and actually have even tried convincing some of my friends to do it. I have been a blonde basically my whole life, except for trying out some lowlights or an ombre for a bit. So for me to muster up the courage for that kind of change is KINDA a big deal. The main thing that made me ok with doing it is I know it’s going to fade since it’s light, and I’ll be able to get back to my blonde without having to damage my hair at all. If you are here and haven’t seen it yet, well what are you waiting for?! Head on over to my Insta to see! I still will have a few more posts with my here on the blog with my regular hair but then I’ll have some with my pink hair coming soon as well! And if you have any questions at all regarding my color, feel free to ask!

Thank you again for all of your sweet comments on my last post. You guys are seriously the best!



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