June 12, 2015


     ^^^Because I can never take myself TOO seriously 😛      



    Romper: LTP Boutique c/o here; Wedges: Kohl’s, same here; Hat: Target Men’s here

I was never much of a Geometry fan. I guess I was more of an Algebra girl. Mainly because it just seemed so tedious to me! Like why do you need me to PROVE the answer to you?! I just know it’s right. Isn’t that enough?! And if step four is wrong but I still got to the correct answer, who cares? 😛 Give me some straight forward Algebra worksheets though, and I will bust that ish out all day!

Why the school talk ten years out of it? Well because this geometric print romper from LTP Boutique is something I can get behind. And you better believe I’ll do a little Geometry to prove it…

You need this romper.

Statements/ Reasons

1. It’s a no hassle, one piece out-the-door outfit. / Eliminating Outfit Decisions Property

2. It’s ACTUALLY long enough and doesn’t swallow up your booty. / Theorem 75: Don’t be a hoochie mama. 😛

3. It’s bright and summery. / Theorem 3: Colors put you in a happy mood.

4. It has the cutest little detailing on the shoulders and collar. / Unique Qualities Property

5. It has POCKETS. #SOLD / Given

Conclusion: You NEED this romper.

And if that didn’t convince you, well shoot. Then you need it soley based on the fact that I just freaking did some Geometry and came up with theories and properties to convince you. 😛 But, on the real, I love rompers and can’t wait to take this one to Mexico with me!

Speaking of we had something come up that interfered with our trip but that was really important for Ben to be home for, so much so that we ended up changing the dates of our trip! It’s been kind of crazy this last week because we didn’t know what we were going to do, and I was honestly extremely sad. We had planned to have Ben fly home in the middle of the trip and come back. But I was devastated. After his fire academy these last few months, this was our big celebration and our time to finally be together! So to have him leave would have been terrible. I still don’t know why things happened the way they did. But I am SO excited that we ended up being able to change our dates, just leaving a few days later, and we will be able to fully enjoy our trip! It’s so crazy sometimes how life works out. I still don’t understand why that happened, and even though it worked out, it wasn’t without cost. Sometimes you just gotta say, “Whelp, God. You know. Because I sure as heck don’t!” #lifemottomaybe?

I hope you all had a good week! I’ve been busy with work. And I finally got my sushi fix last night (Love you, Beth!), so I’m a happy girl.



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