My Favorite Word

June 29, 2015

                        Shorts: She Inside here; Shirt: She Inside here; Shoes: H&M here

I don’t know if I should be ashamed to admit but “Bae” is no joke one of my favorite words. I constantly call my hubby that or friends or inanimate things like coffee. It’s my term of endearment for something I really like. I think it sort of started out as a joke, and then it has stuck as one the most used words in my vocabulary. Who even came up with it anyways? Like who said, “Hey, let’s drop the second ‘b’ from ‘Babe’ and make a new word and call everything we love that and put it on a shirt.” 😛 I don’t know, but who ever it was, congrats. You did a solid. Sooooo, of course when I saw this cute little crop, I had to get it. It’s half me being funny and half me being serious so you can take it whatever way you want it. Also, I can’t stop wearing these shorts. They’re my summer jam! And if you need a pair of shoes that are comfortable but still cute and can even be paired with a dress, these sneakers from H&M are perf! Oh, and I’m back to blonde! I need a color refresher before our trip, and I kind of just wanted my blonde back for the beach. I’m so happy I decided to do it because my hair was feeling blah! And you can’t have blah hair on vacay. So I went with blonde hair instead. 😛

I didn’t plan this but it’s kind of fitting that I’m wearing this shirt it today’s post because today is my Bae’s birthday!!!! We are in Mexico so I’m pretty sure he will have the best day. I’m going to try to sneak off right now to get him coffee before he wakes up. I’m so thankful for him, and I hope I make him feel special all day today! I got him a GoPro for his birthday so I’m pretty sure we will be testing it out today. We’re maybe going to make a vlog of our vacay if we can figure it all out!

I’m so excited we’re here in Cancun, and don’t forget to follow along on Instagram to see photos of our trip! We got in yesterday morning, and seriously that red-eye was brutal! But we got to nap on the beautiful beach all day and I just woke up from sleeping TWELVE HOURS! So I’m now officially rested and ready!

Love to you all!



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