Aventuras en Mexico

July 6, 2015

     ^^^ He was making a heart as a joke about the human hearts they used to sacrifice. #gross. BUT he ended up just being really cute.           

^^^You probably think I’m crazy but I really like iguanas. We had some when I was a kid. So I was all excited to see them roaming all over Tulum.                            ^^^That hole right there in the grass in the entrance to the Cenotes (underground caves)

 ^That entrance leads to this landing right before you enter the water  

These are the cenotes! Pictures don’t do them justice. Go if you come! We’ll hopefully be putting together a video of our trip with footage inside the caves.

 The best selfie we managed with our GoPro in the bad underground lighting. 😛 #stillcutedo

Shirt: Sheinside here; Shorts: Articles of Society Here

After three days of just straight relaxing on the beach, we had a day full of THE best adventures. We asked around a bit about what we should do, and after chatting with our travel agent, we decided on a package that included a trip to Tulum, ATV-ing in the jungle, and swimming in the underwater caves (called Cenotes). We seriously had the BEST day. We don’t have much time at home to do a lot of exploring and activities together so it was so fun doing new things together. I know I posted a million photos but this one day was so fun I had to share.

First we went to Tulum where we saw the most amazing Mayan ruins right on the coast. With my degree in Spanish, I studied a lot about the different cultures of Mexico and South America, and I had literally been dreaming about visiting Mayan ruins for years. When we got there, I sort of just walked around in amazement. Ben asked me if I was ok because I was so quiet. (Meaning quiet isn’t normal. 😛 ) Even if I’m really excited to see something, I talk a lot about how excited I am and maybe squeal a little too. But for some reason, I was just taking it all in. It was so beautiful.

After that, we went to another location where we got prepped to ride ATV’s. It was seriously SO fun. Lots of talking and squeals there. 😛 Ben and I shared an ATV and took turns driving. We basically went full speed over bumps and rocks and through puddles in the jungle. Ben is the best and let me drive half way through. I’m definitely a girl who loves a little adrenaline so the day wouldn’t have been the same if I hadn’t taken the driver’s seat for a little bit.

Our last activity was going into the cenotes. They are underground fresh water caves where stalactites and stalagmites are growing, and oh my goodness it is so beautiful and breathtaking. Also not gonna lie, it was a little freaky at first too. If it weren’t for the lights that have been installed, it would have been completely dark in there. And you have to watch your head while you’re swimming so you don’t hit your head on the stalactites! (I still remember learning those two in school, and I remember which is which because the stalactites have to hold “tight” to the ceiling so they don’t fall so they’re the ones coming down from the the ceiling and stalagmites are the ones on the ground. 😛 ) But after we got comfortable, Ben and I were the only ones in our tour group that were swimming all over checking everything out. I’m seriously so amazed by God’s creativity and how we can enjoy everything. It’s AMAZING.

I know this post is a little different, but I hope you enjoyed it! We booked our tour through Aventuras Mayas so if you come to Mexico, I highly recommend them! They have all different package options with the activities we did plus lots of others like zip-lining or swimming with turtles! Our tour guide was great, and it also includes a bomb lunch!

Thanks for coming by! We’re heading home today and had the best trip but are also real excited to go home. The perfect kind of vacation.



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    looks like lots of fun! you look pretty!

    check out my outfit & share your thoughts? 🙂

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