July 14, 2015

               ^^^ You know, just trying to make it blow in the wind and look cool 😛         Dress: HM (maybe still available in store), lots of good fringe here, herhere, here, here, here, here and here; Shoes: Old; similar here and here

This dress is another one of my goodies I scored in the H&M sale. Like I said before, GO if you haven’t yet. I snagged this little number for $10! It’s not available online but I did round up LOTS of good fringe for you above in all those links. This might be my fave! Super comfy and simple but with a bonus fringe. I love a dress like this because it speaks for itself, and you don’t need much else! I kept everything else super simple as far as accessorizing goes. But, of course, I had to do a fun braid. 😛 I got this idea from a photo my fave blogger posted on Instagram, and I think I might make a tutorial for it so be on the look out!

I’m going to keep it short and sweet today! I love writing to you all but sometimes I love sleep more (writing this last night). #sorry I’ve been doing really exciting things this week like working. And today I’m off so I’ll be hanging with my main squeeze probably just doing errands and being best baes. Oh p.s., can I tell you it’s kind of sad how excited I was that I got my car washed yesterday. I love it being clean, and I always try to do it myself. You know so I can spend that $20 on more important things like this dress. Heck, I can get two dresses… Anywho, I finally just decided to get it done since I hadn’t got around to do it myself. We have this guy that just comes to our salon, and he’ll wash it while we work. So I did it. And seriously, why does it feel so dang good to have a clean car?! Especially when you just leave work to go home, and it’s clean. Ahhhh, the best. Alrighty, not sure why I went on that little rant after I told you I was going to bed. But that’s me. Just ask my hubby. I’ll say goodnight and then start telling him a million stories about my day that I forgot about while he pretends he’s still awake enough to listen.

So thanks to you and to my hubby for putting up with my silly stories.


That’s all folks.

For real now.

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Besos to you all,


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