Lovestitch Goes to Mexico

July 2, 2015

 Dress: LoveStitch c/o  here; Shoes: Kohl’s, same here; Necklace: Forever 21 here

This is my last look with LoveStitch Boutique, and I was saving it just for this trip! I have been so excited to shoot it in the exact place it should be worn! On a tropical vacation. 😍 It’s loose and easy to wear with the perfect boho vibe. And I feel like I always forget to buy pink things, but I absolutely love pink! So I was excited to get this dress! I did make the poor decision to wear my hair down for these photos (slash we were heading to dinner). I was literally DRIPPING. It’s humid here, of course. But it was extra humid this day. I about died and actually felt so sweaty I thought all of the photos might be terrible. 😛 Dramatic, I know. But being sweaty doesn’t lend to feeling cute. Needless to say I was happy they came out and went straight back to our room before dinner to put my hair into a braid. 😛

We are having THE best time. Endless days in the sun with views of the gorgeous blue-green water. And the water is so so amazing. At home when I go in the water, I get cold so fast. Here, you can stay in forever. We even brought floaties. It’s the best. Except I got FRIED yesterday. I was feeling like I was literally getting no color at all after three days in the sun already! So I didn’t put on as much sunscreen but then after only a little bit we moved to the shade so I thought I was fine. Um nope. Terrible idea, Christine. I’m a little mad at myself. Also, I was wearing the most terrible top to get burned in. As shown here. So I totally have cage mark burns on my chest. Ay carumba! Hopefully my sunburn doesn’t interfere too much. 😛 Today we are going on an adventure tour, and I’m so excited! We are going to see some ruins and then ATV-ing and to explore some underwater caves. We are taking the GoPro and the camera so you better believe there will be lots of pictures. So so excited!

Con amor de Mexico,


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