Modesty 101 

July 23, 2015


^^Me in real life 😛

Top: Old, similar herehere and here; ;Skirt: Mikarose c/o here; Hat: Forever 21 here; Necklace: GoJane c/o here; Sandals: Forever 21, old, similar here and here

Don’t worry. Despite the title, I will not be giving you a list of do’s and don’t’s or make you feel guilty about what’s hanging in your closet! 😝

Growing up, I will admit there was quite a bit of arguing about modesty in our home. Mom wanted the shorts a little longer, the straps a little thicker. I was convinced what I wanted to wear was just fine and didn’t mean I was one of those girls. So where is the happy medium. What IS modesty? Well what I have to say has nothing to do with the length of your shorts or the size of your beach wear (I do have my own ideas about appropriate standards for me in that regard but that’s not what’s important). To me modesty is actually less about what you are wearing and more about your heart.

How do you carry yourself in your clothing? What kind of attention are you drawing? How do you think of yourself in what you’re wearing? How do others think of you? I have learned as I’ve grown up that that’s what really matters. I can be in my bikini on the beach and not draw the same negative attention as someone who is wearing a one piece but carrying herself seductively. So my challenge to you would be to ask yourself your heart’s intent in what you’re wearing. Yes, be modest in your dress but also be aware of the attitude behind the clothes and what kind of attention you are attracting. When people meet me, I want them to be able to see my heart and not be distracted because of something I’m wearing or how I’m wearing it. Have standards for yourself, and stick to them! But make sure at the end of the day, it should be about your heart!

Sooooo why all the modesty talk?! Well because this cute skirt is from a company called Mikarose who’s tag line is “Reinventing Modesty”. And I love that they have cute pieces that are still trendy but more conservative! If you haven’t noticed already, I have a ton of different styles I like, but I tend to gravitate towards boho style the most. So I thought this floral skirt would be perfect! Sometimes you just have to find a piece with characteristics of your preferred style (in this case it was the floral print that drew me in), and then style it to make it yours! For me this was the hat and the fringe necklace to give it a more boho feel. Make sure you check out their site if you’re in need of any cute dresses or skirts!

Hope you all are having the best week!

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