Sweet Potato Nachos 

July 18, 2015

So I’m having a wild Saturday night (aka cooking aka it’s a joke 😛 ), and I thought I’d let you in on the fun! This is definitely not a fashion post, but hey we got to stay fit to look good in our clothes, and what you eat is part of that right?! 😛 This is hands down one of my FAVE healthy “cheat” meals. And by that I mean it tastes so dang good that you feel like it should be bad. The best kind of meals! Let’s get started.

What you’ll need:

-Large sweet potato

-Olive oil and salt

-Chicken or ground beef/ Taco seasoning; OR Sprouts pre-marinated Pollo Asado

-Black Beans (optional; I was out this time)





-Plain Greek yogurt


Slice the sweet potato into rounds.

Place on baking sheet, and coat in olive oil and salt.

Bake in the oven at 400 degrees for approximately 30 minutes or until slightly crispy.

Cook chicken thoroughly. (We generally eat white meat chicken, but we love this Pollo Asado from Sprouts for this meal.) If you aren’t using Pollo Asado, chicken or ground beef cooked in taco seasoning is delish too!


Chop chicken into bite sized pieces.

Chop cilantro, lime, tomato and avocado for garnish.

Use plain Greek yogurt (my sub for sour cream; I use it on EVERYTHING, and it’s so delish!), and your favorite salsa for toppings!

 Layer all the ingredients, and ENJOY! (We were out of beans, but I generally put black beans on it as well!)

Hope you enjoyed this post and are having a great weekend! You guys are the best!



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