A Fair Affair 

August 18, 2015




I looked around for the “right” person to ask to take our photo for a solid minute. #winning


Dress: Alter Ego Fashion c/o here; Shoes: H&M, almost exact here; Circles Necklace: One Native Heart c/o here; Choose Joy Bar Necklace: Speakable c/o here; Turquoise Necklace: Old, similar here; Fave Lippie Ever: NYX Indie Flick here

Last Thursday, Ben and I went on an impromptu date to the fair and had THE best time. We people watched and look through the photography gallery (our fave) and then rode the Ferris wheel. I have actually never been on a Ferris wheel with a boy I liked, and seriously it was just as magical as I imagined. And the view from the top was amazing. All the colorful lights and just ahhhh.

So when it came to choosing an outfit for the fair, this little number from Alter Ego Fashions was a no brainer. The perfect little casual dress for a fun date night. I added tennies to keep with the casual vibe I wanted. If you want to see the tutorial on how to do this fishtail bun, go here. (Random fact, this is my most watched tutorial because some weirdos like my arms… 😛 )

Story time. This was the FIRST time I have ever done photos in an extremely public place with people bustling all around me. Usually when I do shoots, I try to avoid super public places. Even the occasional person walking by makes me feel a little squeamish, and I end up being super awkward. (AKA, singing to myself “Omg, there’s people walking byyyy” 😛 )  But I really wanted some photos at the fair in all it’s fair glory so I decided to just go for it. (Plus, I like to think I’m slowing getting used to this whole taking photos in public thing #imnot.) When I decided to really go for it, I didn’t realize what that would entail. All the fair prettiness made me feel kinda like a little kid, and I thought a photo of me jumping would be “sssss’cute”. I don’t know at what point though, I forgot I was wearing a dress. You guys. I flashed the fair. Like for real. I didn’t realized how high up my dress went, but I went over to Ben to look at the photos, um yeah…let’s just say I deleted that one so fast, and neglected to look around at all because I didn’t want to know who saw. I was even wearing a slip and that went up too. Ay caramba. Guess you could say it was a successful first shoot in public. 😛 And I will say that after I calmed down a little, I even braved the crowd again to finish up a few more shots.

Right before the fateful moment… 😛

Hope this brightens up your Wednesday.

You guys are the best!



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