Homeschool Dress

August 17, 2015


 Dress: Forever 21 here (on sale); Lace Bralette: Fashion Young (not online), similar here, love this; Shoes: Love D, similar here, also here and here; Necklace: One Native Heart c/o here

So when I first saw this dress, I was strangely drawn to it and then somewhat repulsed by it. Right away I realized it was because of one thing: homeschool. THIS was a homeschool dress. Like the kind I was thankful I never had to wear. The kind you pair with your white ribbed Cherokee tee from Mervyn’s and your light up L.A. Gear’s. Um ya. No thank you. And shout out to my mom for not letting me wear this that way as a ten year old. 😛

Back story. I was homeschooled my ENTIRE life. Yes, all the way through high school too. In fact Cosmetology school was my first experience with public school. I know what you’re thinking. Crazy, right? And also, how did I have any friends? And wait, what? You’re normal? (Well if you only know me through this computer screen, I can only hope that you have assumed that. 😛 ) Those are the top two things people say to me when they find out I’m a “homeschooler”. Guys. I didn’t live under a rock for those thirteen years of my education. I had lots of friends, mostly from church, and a lot of whom I am still friends with to this day. As to the being normal part, well I’m not really sure. Maybe that just depends on your family and getting out and seeing the world. Or maybe I’m just one of the lucky few. Jk. I know a lot of you fellow homeschoolers are normal. 😛

So back to the dress. Yes, maybe it’s a little homeschool. But I kind like it. Pairing it with a crop instead of a t-shirt make it a little more stylish, and adding heels saves you from looking like you’re wearing a sack. And if some of you still think it looks like a sack, well you’re probably right but fashion is about trying new things right?!

P.S. How cute is this little necklace from One Native Heart?! I’m always looking for new dainty little necklaces to layer with my bar necklace and other ones. And I just love this one! By itself, it kind of reminds me of a flash tattoo which I love! Make sure to check out her cute little shop and see all the fun pieces she has.

P.P.S. For a tutorial on my hairstyle, go here. (You would just leave more of the sides down. Also. It’s one of my older tutorials. Be nice. 😛 )

Hope you all had the best weekend!

Thanks for coming by!



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