Liquido Active

August 24, 2015


Tee: Forever 21(sold out online, but I just got it in store last week!), simliar here; Sports Bra: Forever 21 here; Pants: Liquido Active c/o here; Shoes: Nike Air Max Thea here; Watch: Target Men’s, similar here; Necklace: One Native Heart c/o here

Happy Monday! Ben and I just got back last night from our little weekend camping trip and had the best time. I’ll probably be doing a little post about sometime this week! Meanwhile you can see a few photos on Instagram if you haven’t already.

If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you know that I LOVE to workout and eat healthy. I do a combination of running and CrossFit and eat what I guess you would call a paleo-ish diet (with lots of wiggle room for those days I want nachos and ice cream 😛 ). And if there’s anything I love almost as much as regular clothes, it’s workout clothes!

So this post is all about these AMAZING pants from Liquido Active. I may not post all the time about workout clothes but I LOVE them. There’s just something about having a cute outfit to put on when I’m going for a run or to hit the gym that just makes me feel motivated. These pants from Liquido Active are different than any other pair I have. They are made from Lycra and are seriously incredibly comfortable. Like feel like a second skin comfortable. The material is so soft and breathable, and I just want to live in them even when I’m not at the gym! (I know a huge concern for a lot of us girls is if pants are see through when you bend over. And these ones passed a triple check in the mirror #imaginethat. Just kidding. Don’t. 😛 ) They have SO many cute patterns and colors so make sure you check them out!

So funny story. I took these photos with my brother in law and showed him some examples of stuff I liked and ideas for the shoot. And then after I did, we both realized that to accomplish the look, I had to look “hard”. And I’m not very good at that. I kept trying and then just cracking up. The last photo is me just laughing at myself trying to be hard. I maybe accomplished it in a few though, yah? 😛

Hope you all have the best week!

Thank you for coming by!



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