Florals and the Truth About Fall

September 28, 2015


 Dress: Harper Trends c/o here; Sandals: Nordstrom Rack, same here; Necklace: One Native Heart c/o here

Last week, I met up with one of friends at the Orange Circle and she snapped a few photos for me and then we grabbed coffee and sat and talked for a few hours. Days that involve coffee and best friends are kinda my favorite. Last week at work was kind of slow, and I was real happy about it. Every once in while it just happens that way, and this time it was just what I needed after several super busy weeks.

I know I’ve said it a million times already, but Southern California is not even a little bit feeling like fall yet. And I’ve decided my desire for it to be fall is directly related to social media and people posting photos of leaves on the ground and hot chocolate and scarves and cold weather things. Aka OTHER people saying they are ready for fall. Because I have lived in Southern California my ENTIRE life, and it’s always hot this time of year! So why would I expect anything else! (As a matter of fact, I PLANNED my wedding in October outside because I knew it wouldn’t be cold. 😛 ) Sooo all that to say I’m still living in my summer wardrobe and this dress from Harper Trends is perfect! I love anything flowy and floral. I can also see adding a denim jacket around the waist and some heeled booties when it DOES finally decide to cool off around here. (Which won’t happen for a few months, and when I say cool, I mean a crisp 65 degrees. ) And until then, you can find me in my summer dresses sipping iced coffee and saying I think it should be fall when I know it really shouldn’t. 😛

Hope you all had the best weekend! My weekend is usually Sunday and Monday so if you’re ever wondering why I still say it on a Tuesday, there you have it. 😛 If you follow me on Instagram, you know Ben and I went beach camping for the night over the weekend. We love just getting away even if it’s just one night because it means we actually spend time together and talk instead of getting distracted by things that need to get done! And you can’t go wrong with waking up at the beach!

Have a great week!

And thanks for coming by!



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