Boho Babes and True Beauty

October 28, 2015

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Top: Cheerful Chic c/o here; Pants: Asos (Only $20! Size down, I am wearing a 24) here; Headband: Forever 21, similar here; Lipstick: NYX Matte Whipped Caviar; Shoes: Forever 21, similar here

Hieeeeeee! So my many apologies for skipping Monday’s post! I don’t have an exact set posting schedule but I try to be as consistent as I can! But Ben and I were busy with family stuff over the weekend and catching up with each other, and I usually have photos ready ahead of time but didn’t this time! Soooo that’s when you decide that life is a little more important, and your post can wait!

How cute is this top from Cheerful Chic! I know I’ve already done posts with two of their tops, and I’m loving every single one. I realized as fall was approaching, and I was switching from wearing dresses to jeans and tops that I didn’t really have any shirts I loved! I always tend to gravitate towards dresses when I shop but I’m realizing I need to branch out and vary it a little bit! So this top is perfect! This color is currently sold out but it comes in a brown color that is perfect for fall! I also have been buying a few new pairs of jeans, and these are the second pair I found for an amazing deal at Asos! They are only $20! If you do order them, make sure you size down 1 or 2 sizes. I usually wear a 26, or maybe a 25 on certain occasions, and these are a 24.

Somehow from all my online shopping I started getting Teen Vogue in the mail, and usually I just end up tossing it but a little blurb on the cover caught my attention last night. It said, “Pretty Hurts: Is Instagram killing your confidence?”. Naturally as an avid user of social media, I was interested to read what the article had to say. The article was mostly about an app called Facetune. I had never heard of it but what it describes I know I’ve seen. It is a photo editing app that allows to give yourself “flawless skin, gleaming teeth, standout eyes, and pouty lips” just with a few taps. Which leads to flawless photos for girls to scroll through and compare themselves to. The obsession with Facetune and perfecting the selfie has actually even led girls to seek procedures such as nose jobs, lip injections and the like in an effort to match their online self with their real self. I couldn’t help but be really sad reading the article. Like how is that what girls feel the need to do and portray themselves as.  I love love love social media, but I always hope that my posts don’t ever make girls feel insecure about who they are. I am happy and secure with who I am, and I know it’s only because I know deep down in the core of my being that I’m exactly who God made me to be, and at the end of the day, that is what makes me beautiful. And that is what I hope girls see more than just a pretty face. I am confident with who I am, but I don’t want other girls to feel less confident because of that. And yes, I edit my photos to lighten them, add contrast or give them a little stylistic flare for photography purposes but I would never ever THINK to go to some of the lengths this article talked about, changing your nose, photo shopping your waist etc! That’s crazy! (I think I have used Photoshop in that way all of two times to get rid of a giant red back zit 😛 ) but to be honest that doesn’t even cross my mind! Like I literally don’t think about it. It’s so sad to me that girls can’t just look at pictures of themselves, and say, “Hey, I like what I see.” If you’re not to that place, guess what? I’m praying that one day you are. Because there’s nothing better than not spending your days comparing yourself to someone else. Be confident. God made you just the way you are. And that’s beautiful. <3

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