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October 12, 2015



Shirt: Forever 21 here; Denim: Zara here; Shoes: Ebay here

Mineral Velvet Creme Foundation: Ashley Sievert c/o here;  Mineral Finishing Powder: Ashley Sievert c/o Here; Glow Under Eye Brightener: Ashley Sievert c/o here; Velvet “Air” Brushes: Ashley Sievert c/o here


Happy Monday! I’m super excited about today’s post because it’s something I’ve been looking for for a very long time, and I am so excited to share with all of you! If you’ve been following me for any length of time, I hope you know that if I ever recommend something, it’s because it’s something I truly like and/or wear on a daily basis! And today, I’m introducing you to Ashley Sievert, my new favorite source for my foundation, powder and concealer!

So I first heard about Ashley Sievert through one of my favorite bloggers, Katey McFarlan. (If you have heard me say “my favorite blogger” before in reference to a different blogger, wellll that’s because favorite bloggers are like best friends, there isn’t just one. More like five. Ish. 😛 ) Ok, so Katey posted about her makeup line and what caught my attention was that she said Ashley had said to match the foundation to your neck first and then if you need to add warmth or color, do so with bronzers or blush. And I was like, “Yes, this girl know what’s up!” I feel like so many people try to match it to their face or chest and end up so orangey! After reading that and Katey’s review, I knew I wanted to try the product! So I ordered the tester pack (Which HOW COOL is that?! You can purchase a tester pack with four colors to try so you can make sure you pick the right one!), and I loved it! Even the hubby said he could tell a difference and really liked the makeup because it looked so natural. Score!

Ashley and I ended up chatting via email, and she has been so helpful with everything! All the products I got are AMAZING. I can’t say enough good things about the foundation, powder, Glow and brushes! And to top it off, the foundations have the best names. Like Milan and Paris and New York. I asked Ashley if she named them that so people could feel super cool when they said what color they are. “Oh heyyyyy I’m Milan; what are you?” And she said yah because who wants to be “warm bisque”. Ummmm Amen sister. Bisque is a soup. And I definitely don’t want to think of that on my face. 😛

Soooo if you have been on the hunt for a good foundation like I was, Ashley Sievert is your girl! Below are some more details on all the products! I have been using them for a few weeks now, and absolutely recommend them. P.S. They even passed the cry test. 😛 (I mean I know crying in general doesn’t make your makeup look cute. But I have used stuff before that literally drips off my face if I cry. I’m an emotional girl. I need to know that if a few tears slip out, my face does slip off too. 😛 )


Mineral Velvet Creme: Mineral. Light weight. Full coverage. Long lasting. SPF 15. Shades are Milan, New York, Paris, LA, Fiji Tropez

Apply 2 pumps with the Ashley Sievert Vegan Velvet “Air” Brush (Flat Top) on clean skin (no primer) in a patting/pressing motion starting in the center of the face (where most coverage is needed) and work outward. This foundation is build-able and can be added in layers for additional coverage. Works on all skin types and tones 1 oz. Tube will last 3-4 months, if used daily

Mineral Finishing Powder: Sets Mineral Creme. Adds a luminous finish.

Pat onto skin using the Ashley Sievert Vegan Velvet “Air” Brush (Dome Top).

Glow Under Eye Brightener: Universal concealer for light to olive skin

Apply with fingers on eyelids as an eye shadow base and under eyes on top of Mineral Velvet Creme & Mineral Finishing Powder. HIGHLIGHTS, CONCEALS, & BRIGHTENS IN ONE! Tip* Drag concealer in a “upside down triangle” under eyes, above cheekbones, and down the center of the nose. Glow is the ultimate finishing touch to your makeup application.

Be sure to check out Ashley Sievert, and give her products a try! You can also find Ashley Sievert on Instagram here and here

P.S. Don’t EVEN get me started on my nails in today’s post. I had done one coat and then ran out the door to go do photos before I finished. I had planned to even do cute nail art. (Cuz hello pictures of my hands calls for cute nails.) AND I failed. I don’t even know how. But I can’t tell you how many times I talked about how bad they are. Like I don’t even go out like that, let alone take pictures. Major blogger fail. 😛

Hope you all had the best weekend!




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