Two Years

October 19, 2015

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Dress: Chic Wish c/o here; Shoes: Ami Clubwear c/o here; Ben’s Shirt: Asos here; Pants: Levi’s 511, similar here; Shoes: Asos, similar here and here

Ahhhhh today is my and Ben’s two year wedding anniversary. And I really can’t believe it! It seems like it hasn’t been that long but also like it’s been forever at the same time! Before I get too mushy, let’s talk about this perfect dress from Chic Wish. When I saw it, I knew it was THE dress for our anniversary shoot. It sort of reminds me of my wedding dress, and has all the perfect feminine details. It would be a great dress for your bridal shower or rehearsal dinner too! Oh and the quality is AMAZING! Make sure to check out their site. They have the cutest stuff, and I can’t wait to share some more pieces I got from them!

I can’t believe we are celebrating two years! Even with the challenges that come with being married I mostly just feel like it’s been the best two years. I mean how can you go wrong with endless sleepovers with your best friend where you never have to go home because they are your home. Even now sometimes we wake up in the morning and say, “Waittttt…we’re allowed to have sleepovers now?! Is this real life.” 😛

Benjamin is my best friend. He challenges me to be a better me. He brings out my strengths and my weaknesses. And I love that because it makes me think about the ways that I can grow and learn to love better. He makes me laugh when I’m being too serious and holds me when I cry (which for this girl is kind of a lot 😛 ). I feel so lucky to have him as my husband, and every day just gets better and better.

We have definitely had our fair share of challenges too. There have been days full of tears and heartache. But when you’re so close to someone and share so much life with someone, I feel like that’s just normal. And those days are few, and the ones in between are filled with joy so when I look back on the last two years, it’s with all the heart eyes.

There are a few things that I’ve learned over the past two years. First, expectations. I have them. 😛 And I always think Ben should know what my expectations are because he “knows” me. And that if he doesn’t, I would think it was because he didn’t care. But I’ve been learning that I need to communicate my expectations, my wants, and my needs. That way it eliminates me getting upset when they aren’t met because he knows exactly what I need. He does care. He just can’t read my mind. 😛

I’ve learned to back off a little with giving advice. I usually have something to say about everything. 😛 But I’ve learned (and still am learning) that sometimes not saying anything at all in certain circumstances is better.

They always say it. But it’s true. COMMUNICATE. And by that I mean over-comunicate. About everything.

Support each other’s dreams. I can’t even tell you how thankful I am for Ben’s support of my career as a hairdresser and of this blog. He believes in me, and is the best for putting up with the endless amount of photos he has to take. 😛 And I know he’s the happiest when he’s doing what he loves so I can’t encourage him enough to pursue his dreams of becoming a firefighter because I see the joy in his eyes when he talks about it and is getting to pursue what he loves.

And finally and most importantly, keep God at the center of everything. Because we aren’t perfect. We’re going to make mistakes. We’re going to hurt each other.And your spouse won’t be able to fill all of your needs. But God can. On the bad days and the nights that I sleep alone (because of Ben’s work schedule, that’s a few nights a week), I am thankful to have a God who is my comforter and my protector. I know we would both say we couldn’t do this marriage thing on our own. But with God’s help we are learning better how to love and serve each other every day.

Here’s to the best two years! And to you, Benjamin John Bennett. Thank you for picking me.

Thank you all for coming by!



You can see our One Year Anniversary post with wedding photos here.



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