Cozy in Clarkston 

December 4, 2015


Sweater: Forever 21 (not available online), similar here and here (more options linked at end of post); Pants: Asos here; Hat: Target, similar here; Boots: Forever 21 here

While we were in Michigan, I went out running with my cousins almost every day. It was insanely gorgeous. Dirt roads. Bare trees. Stunning homes and landscapes.  Something about running in the fresh crisp air in a beautiful place just makes me feel alive. I run with more ease, and I don’t even think about how far I’m going. I just soak it all in. And running in a new place is the best way to explore. On one of our runs around the block, I saw this gorgeous field with this big silo, and I knew I HAD to come back to take photos. They seriously don’t even do it justice. I just kept staring and saying, “Look, Babe! Look! Isn’t it so beautiful?!” And I couldn’t stop taking pictures of it so I also have a ton of photos without me in it too. 😜

This sweater. Alas. I couldn’t find it online. But I did just get it in the store two weeks ago, and I’m hoping they will restock it online! But meanwhile I found a ton of other super cute ones. All linked below. Which I now want to buy!

Hope you all are having the best week! The highlight of my week (besides DOING highlights, of course. Ba-dum-chhh) was finally getting my phone upgrade! I got the rose gold iPhone 6s Plus. And it’s the bomb. Except there’s one little problem. I always take my phone running with me to track my pace and distance, listen to music, or in case of emergency etc, and I did it twice already this week, and it’s so dang big that my fingers got sore and went a little numb later in the day from holding it! Like seriously?! How. Soooo all that to say I need to get an arm band. Or just always run in Michigan where the runs are so great, I don’t need to worry about any of that. 😜

Happy weekending!




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