January 11, 2016

   Top: Forever 21 here; Skirt: Forever 21 here; Tights: Nordstrom Rack, similar here; Boots: Almost same here; Purse: Old,similar here

Happy Monday! As promised, another post wearing blue! 😛  I had been on the hunt for a pretty white button up shirt with a big bow on the front, and I finally found this one I love at Forever. The real question is what do I NOT find at Forever?! #nothing. Because my skirt is Forever too as well as practically half my closet. I love the way this top and skirt paired together, and of course because it was cold and also because I’m basically Casper right now, the tights were a non-negotiable. These heeled booties have been one of my fave shoe purchases this season, and I always gravitate towards them for everything from date night to church!

I obviously took these photos last week while I was in Utah. I couldn’t pass up the beautiful snowy scenery. This is literally just outside my brother’s house. I could honestly just stare at the snow-covered everything for hours. It always just reminds me of how creative God is and how he created all this just for our enjoyment. I love it.

I hope you all had the best weekend! I am looking forward to spending the day with Ben today, and Wednesday we are going up to San Francisco for a quick turn around trip for something Ben has to do but I’m excited for a little adventure and to see some sights and eat clam chowder in a bread bowl on the wharf!

P.S. I went to Sephora yesterday and tried on THIS perfume, and about died and went to heaven. I’m saving up for it because I need it in my life. (Sidenote: The reason I even ended up trying it was because I read someone’s description of it, and it had the word “coffee” in it, and I was sold. #addict The funny part is it doesn’t even smell like coffee. And I wouldn’t want it to. Just know it’s divine. 😛 )



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