Carbon 38 

January 31, 2016


   Just because that’s me half the time we’re trying to shoot, ya’ll. 😛


Sports Bra: Carbon 38 c/o here; Pants: Carbon 38 c/o here; Jacket: Carbon 38 c/o here; Shoes: Adidas here

Rainy days are my favorite. Time for cuddles and forgetting about what needs to get done. Unless you really need to get something done. Like photos. Which in that case, you just do them in the rain. 😛 We made it through two of three looks yesterday before it started raining too much and then a little while later, when it cleared up, we finished the last! And I kind of love that it was raining during the photos. (Just don’t mind my crazy rain soaked hair. I may have tried to do a handstand. Which resulted in a soaked ponytail. Which also wasn’t worth it because, ummm do you SEE the photo up here. NO. Didn’t come out good. 😛 )

I’m super excited to share this week’s posts with you. I got some AMAZING workout gear from Carbon 38. I’ve already worked out in all of it, and it passed the test! I hate when you’re trying to squat or something and your pants slide down! So pants have been something that I like to invest in so I know that nobody is seeing a whale tail, and I don’t have to hike my pants up every five seconds! 😛 Plus these have fun mesh cutouts on the side which make them a little different than the plain black ones I usually spring for. Fun sports bras are also a must for me, and I have been loving the high neck ones that are everywhere! And you guyssss this jacket. Bomb. Dot. Com. Something I will wear to the gym, out running in the cold and with my fave pair of distressed denim and sneakers!

Because I love workout clothes so much, I thought it would be fun to show you how you can incorporate your workout pieces into your everyday wardrobe! So my next two posts, I’ll be showing you how I styled a few of these pieces into some every day looks! (And no, I don’t mean wearing your sweaty post gym clothes out! I just mean using them as regular pieces in your wardrobe! I can do a Target run in my gym clothes but you won’t find me at girl’s night out post gym sesh. #showerplease!) Stayed tuned this week to see how I styled my pieces! And let me know how you would style them too!





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