What is LIKE to KNOW.it? 

January 11, 2016


So a few years back when I started seeing all of these things pop up on Instagram for me to sign up for liketoknow.it, I was very hesitant. Lord knows my inbox is already FULL of emails I don’t need, and the thought of getting an email EVERY time I liked someone’s photo that used LiketoKNOW.it did not sound like a good time.

For those of you not familiar with LIKEtoKNOW.it, it is basically a bloggers lifesaver. I’m sure you’ve seen on bloggers Instagram pages the countless comments asking where her bag is from or where her shoes are from. For now, for me, these questions are manageable, and I am happy to answer. But it can get time consuming, and I know that YOU want to know exactly where to find that product. That’s where liketoknow.it comes in. Reward Style has developed a system that allows bloggers to connect exact or similar items to their Instagram photo so that when the follower likes the photo, they now have access to all the links the blogger has tagged! It’s actually quite exciting for me, and I’m happy that even when I post a photo that isn’t part of a blog post (therefore the links aren’t readily available on my site), you can still easily find them!

If you still aren’t convinced like I was because of the emails, there’s a solution! You can literally CHOOSE to not even receive emails or to have them come say once a week. I have chosen the once a week option but more often when I actually see something I want, I don’t wait for the email to come through in a week: I just go to my account and find it!

I’ll explain below:

You will first head to liketoknow.it, and set up an account. All this really requires is providing your email and your Instagram so that when you like a photo, Reward Style knows you want access to those links.

When I want to know where something is from, I just click on  “MY LIKES”, and the photo I liked is there with links to all the products.

To change your email preferences, click on SETTINGS. You will be directed to the screen below, and you can choose the frequency with which you receive emails! If you don’t want the emails and just want to be able to access the information from your liketoknow.it account, simply click “Don’t send me these emails”


If you do choose to receive emails, you will see this in your email. It is also what you will see if you go to your account and click on “MY LIKES”. As you can see, each photo will have the picture you liked as well as the items in the photo linked below it with clickable links.

Another option if you want to know right away what I’m wearing in one of my Instagram photos is to go to my blog’s menu, and click on “SHOP THE FEED”.

This is what the “SHOP THE FEED” page will look like. You can then click whatever photo you want to know about, and it will direct you to liketoknow.it once again with the links under the photo.

And once again, if you click a photo, shoppable links will show at the bottom.


See so easy! And doesn’t mean more emails which my guess would be is most people’s hesitation! I will always try to answer your questions and provide you with the most information possible but I do have a busy life outside of blogging so this just makes it super easy for me and for you!

As always, let me know if you have any questions! I hope this all made sense! You can go HERE to sign up! And happy shopping!




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