March 17, 2016


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Romper: Forever 21 here; White Shirt: Forever 21, similar here and here; Shoes: Shop Mari-A here; Hat: Forever 21, similar here


You know those weeks where your brain is going a million miles a minute, and all you want to do is sit on the couch and watch all your friends’ Snapchats instead of being a responsible adult?! Yup. This has been one of those weeks. Huge to-do list, and the only place I wanna be is on a tropical island soaking up the sun and sipping on a cold drink! (Add to said list: Plan THAT trip… 😛 ) I have tax appointments to prepare for and bachelorette and baby parties to plan, blog posts to plan, laundry to fold, meal prep to do, and meetings to plan! Not to mention that I’m also working in the midst of all of that. The one saving grace (besides the fact that I’m currently eating a mint chocolate chip graham cracker ice cream sandwich) is that I recently hired my sis to come over to clean for me, and she’s coming again this week, and I’m REAL excited about that. Like is it not THE best feeling in the world to walk in the door after a long day of work, and your house is clean?! AND you didn’t have to do it. Ahhhhmazing. Alright that’s my rant for today. 😛

All of the sudden this week has gotten SO warm! It was a little over 90 degrees today! And it made me real excited for summer and fun little rompers like this. (Well and possibly that beach vacay I’ve convinced myself I need!) Forever 21 has always been my go to for fun summer dresses and rompers! They are super affordable so I can buy a million of them! And just like bikinis, I know I’ll want all brand new ones next season so I don’t mind if they are more trendy pieces that might not be in style forever. (Speaking of bathing suits too, I just ordered this ONE. Can you tell I’ve got some beach, somewhere, on my mind?!) This cute little romper can totally be rocked by itself, like say for your favorite country music festival with your favorite cowboy boots, but I decided to pair it with a button up! You know, a nod towards summer that says, “I see you, girrrrrl. But I know you ain’t here to stay just quite yet.” (And nowww my clothes are talking so maybe it’s time for bed. Or watching aforementioned Snapchats. 😛 )

Whelp. That’s all folks.

Hope you have a fantastic freaking Thursday.

Thank you for coming by!




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