March 29, 2016

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Dress: Chic Wish c/o here; Purse: Diophy Handbags c/o here; Shoes: Forever 21, similar here and here; Bun Pin: My Kitsch c/o here

I’m in full spring dress mode over here! This perfect little number from ChicWish is probably my current fave! I wore it twice this past week including on Easter! It’s so funny how one minute I’m wearing denim every day and have forgotten all about the dress section in my closet, and the next, I can’t stop wearing and buying dresses. For me here in Southern California, dresses or rompers are usually my go-to in the summer. I still love a good pair of denim shorts but those can be harder to dress up and take to work! So I love having a good assortment of dresses that I can pair with my chunky heels or my flats and be ready for a day at the salon!

Ok, how cute is this bun pin from Kitsch?! I want to get all the different styles of them! You might have already seen it on Instagram with my topknot but I wanted to try it with a cute pony too! (P.S. Yes, I know my pony is a little messy but sometimes you’re just on the way to the mall with your sis, and you ask her to take some pics, and that’s how it looked in real life and probably always will because perfect hair takes too long. 😛 )

Yesterday might have been THE single most productive day of this year! You know those days you just get stuff done that you have been wanting to get done FOREVER?! Well that was yesterday. Our garage had become a drop zone, not to mention I had almost ten years of crap out there! ( I lived in the same apartment Ben and I live in now for five years before we got married!) I never got around to it because I wasn’t sure what to do with everything! Like what do you do with all of your college papers you wrote, in Spanish no less?! And the Chemistry text books and notes that you have some odd affinity for because you loved Chemistry. (As Ben pointed out, I will NEVER go back and read through them. 😛 )And I mean shouldn’t you save all the tests with the A’s circled on them in case you need an ego boost some day?! As holding on to things for too long sort of runs in our family, I am VERY proud to say I threw away nearly everything I could besides photos. And I kept some of my Spanish books since that was my major. And if I ever feel the need to read one of Spanish essays I wrote, they’re on the computer. But my bet’s on #notgonnahappen. 😛 We can now pull our car into the garage without worrying about what we might hit when we open the car door to get out! Yippee! We also got all of our tax paperwork sorted and together so we are ready for our tax appointment! Being self employed, this can actually be the worst day ever but I’m feeling ok about it this year, and hopefully we don’t get too bad of news. 😛

Hope you all have the best day! I’m off to work! Then tomorrow I think Ben and I are going on a fun little overnight date in Laguna so I’m excited about that!

Thank you for coming by!




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    Raina Elegado

    Ahh love this dress on you!! And you totally nailed it with the accessories and shoes! <3

    xo Raina

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    wow what a great look nice floral outfit…for summer and outing with family for shopping …….
    festive kurtis online

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