April 1, 2016

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Shirt: Forever 21, sold out, similar here; Denim: H&M here; Shoes: Similar here; Jacket: Old, similar here


So of COURSE when I bought this shirt a week ago it was available online, and then now when I go to write my post, it’s not! Tsk tsk Forever 21! But I did find it in store when I got it so maybe you can still find it at your local store! And if you do, snag it! It’s only nine buckaroos! Don’t worry I’m not bragging about being #worththewait. This shirt just made me laugh because I’m late a lot so I had to get it.  An outfit like this is definitely one of my go-to looks! Jeans, a graphic tee and a leather jacket! Perfect for a casual date night, running errands or a day at work! I love getting dressed up to but most of the time a casual outfit is what I gravitate towards!

So. You guys. I have a problem. I am generally late to places. But only by three to five minutes. If you follow me on Snap, you’ve heard me talk about this before and have also heard me celebrate if I’m five plus minutes early to work! It is seriously the lamest thing ever to be five minutes late! Like I have ZERO good reason for being late except that usually I try to do too much in the morning and wait til the last second to get ready! Legit this would be a typical morning for me. When I have to be at work at 10am.

7:30am: Wake up.

7:49am: Actually get out of bed.

7:53am: COFFEE. Actually wake up.

7:54am-9:15am: Dilly dally around on the computer and my phone, wash the dishes, more coffee.

9:16am: Realize I should probably be getting ready for work.

9:18am: Start getting ready for work and realize I haven’t eaten breakfast. Go make said breakfast to eat while getting ready.

9:20am: Resume getting ready and spend five minutes deciding if it’s hair wash day and if not what to do to it.

9:25am: Realize I also need lunch for work and take five minutes to put it together.

9:37am: Respond to texts and plan to leave within a few minutes.

9:53am: Start heading out the door only to realize I need to grab my lunch and while I’m at it, I probably need a to-go coffee.

9:58am: Get in my car to leave.

10:03am. LATE to work.

Do you see my problem? I guess I need to start getting ready earlier. The saddest part is that I literally live FIVE MINUTES away from work! Five minutes, people. No need to be late. AT all. EVER. Unless there’s an actual problem. Or I can’t find my keys. Which I’m sad to admit is #typical. As much as I try to change, I don’t know if I ever will. I’m just not a Type A person so se la vie. And if you’re my first client, I still love you, and I’ll try to surprise you more often and be early. (Yup. They know, and it’s a surprise if I beat them there. 😛 )

Ok, enough about my crazy mornings. 😛 I hope you all had a great week! Ben and I have been spending a ton of time together and even had a fun little stay-cation in Laguna! We have a new season starting next week where we will be apart a lot so we wanted to get in as much quality time as possible before that happened! I’ll have a little life update next week all about it!




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