April 15, 2016

Top: Zara Here; Skirt: Forever 21 Here; Shoes: Forever 21 Here

Happy Friday! I woke up this morning to do my post, and my computer wouldn’t turn on! It hasn’t been holding a charge and won’t turn on unless it’s plugged in but now it won’t even turn on at all! Not sure what we are going to do… Hopefully it can be fixed! We want a new computer but just not quite yet.😜  

So do you ever wear an outfit and then you’re like waaaaaait did I even like that outfit? Well guess what? That even happens to fashion bloggers. For a hot second I wasn’t sure how I felt about this whole combo after I shot it. I think it’s because the shoes are more bold, and the top is in a color I don’t usually wear. But part of blogging is all about trying new trends and seeing what you like! I have been super into the off the shoulder trend that’s been happening lately! In fact, don’t be surprised if you see another off the shoulder in one of next week’s posts. πŸ˜‰ (Oh and in case you’re wondering, I do love all the pieces in this post so don’t worry I’m not posting things I don’t like! 😜 ) 
P.S. Did anyone else possibly wear this exact kind of skirt in junior high or high school?! I totally did. It’s so fun seeing how things come back in style in a slightly different form. Aka a few more rips than my one in junior high had. 😜 I’m excited to pair it with all different things! The length is perfect, not too long and homeschool and not too short and hoochie! #winning 

I’m gonna keep this short  (wait I’m saying that but now that I think of it, I don’t think this is short…) because I’m writing my whole post from my phone, and I’m off to a bachelorette party this weekend! 

Hope you all have the best weekend!



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