May 18, 2016

Dress: Azazie c/o here (in Pearl Pink); Heels: Public Desire, similar here

I am super excited about today’s post! One, the pink door house in Palm Springs. #hearteyesx10 Seriously cutest house ever. I have been seeing bloggers take photos in front of it for a while now so I was so excited to be able to see it in person! It’s so dang cute! On the real though, Alena and I were whispering and tiptoeing around the whole time we were taking these photos. I’m not sure if someone lives there all the time or if it’s just a vacation home. And they HAVE to know that people come there to take photos but I wonder how they feel about it…I mean it’s just in a regular neighborhood, and I can imagine that people kinda get annoyed that so many people come there to take photos. But, hey I got mine. And the police car didn’t drive by until after we were done… ๐Ÿ˜› (For real.)

Ok now on to the main reason for this post, this dress! So who has ever been a bridesmaid or known someone who’s been a bridesmaid that had to find a dress in a certain color to be in their friend’s wedding but the style didn’t matter? I know I have had to do that. And I have had friends that I’ve had to help find dresses for too! On the one hand, it’s really nice to be a able to wear a style of dress that you feel comfortable in and suits your body type. But then on the other hand, it can also be really difficult. There’s so many different variations of the color pink. And what if the dress you picked is too fancy or too casual? All the brides out there have a vision, and it can be a little hard sometimes to decipher what that is! So after buying a few different dresses and getting denied, you might be wishing that she had just said, “Here’s the dress I want you to wear. Buy it.” ๐Ÿ˜›

Unless she knew aboutย Azazie, the place where the dress I’m wearing in this post if from. When they contacted me for a collaboration, I literally couldn’t wait to tell you all about them! They are an online dress company that specializes in solving your bridesmaid dress shopping problems (or Mother of the Bride and Bride for that matter)! They have a ton of different styles of dresses that come in literally fifty different colors. So if your bff bride wants you all in the same color, she can pick what color and then you can decide on the style you like. Or if she just wants different shades of a color, but in the same dress, you can easily do that too! Or even if she’s traditional and wants everyone to have the same dress in the same style, that’s fine too! It’s a genius idea. And I honestly wish I had known about it in the past. I have already been telling friends about it and will continue to do so as my friends get married! I hope that this post at least helps one of you brides or bridesmaids that has been on the hunt for the perfect dress. You know so you can get on to the most important part of the wedding: DANCING. ๐Ÿ˜›

Happiest Wednesday to you!



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