June 16, 2016

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Crop Top: Boohoo here; Beach Towel: Cotton On here (on sale!); Purple Shampoo: here; Deep Conditioner: here (use code CHRISTINE20 for 20% off!)

Today I am so excited to be partnering up with BLNDN to talk hair! For those of you that are here for the first time or maybe not aware, I actually work full time in a salon as a hairstylist and have for the past eleven years. So hair talk is one of my favorite things! And blonde is probably my specialty. Since I have blonde hair myself, I feel like it’s just something that I have figured out how to do well. (But no, I still don’t do my own hair really. Girl needs to sit down and be pampered after all the pampering I do for everyone else. 😛 )

Two products I usually end up recommending to most blondes who sit in my chair are a purple shampoo and a deep conditioner. And these are the two things I’m sharing today with BLNDN. (P.S. If you know me, you know I don’t recommend things unless I actually like them. So just FYI I am currently using and loving both of these products. Actually I just said goodnight to Ben, and even he commented how great my hair looked. I just shampooed it with the purple conditioner AND it’s still wet! That’s saying something!)

A purple shampoo is one of the best ways to keep your color fresh in between coloring sessions. We all hate the words brassy or gold usually as blondes, and a purple shampoo is the layman’s way to do a quick fix on that. You might leave the salon with bright, perfectly blonde hair but just from the everyday stuff our hair is exposed to, yours might need a little refresher. I usually use my purple shampoo once a week. I do a regular wash with it but if you’re looking for an ashier shade, you can leave it in longer! (P.S. If you use a purple shampoo and don’t feel like it does anything for your blonde, it is possible that your blonde isn’t light enough to be affected by the shampoo. If that’s the case your hair probably needs to be lighter first. So make sure you read my little rant about Olaplex below before you go do that. 😛 It also won’t generally change hair that has been colored blonde with hair color as opposed to bleached blonde with bleach.)

Another product that is great for blondes (but anyone honestly!) is a deep conditioner. While we as hairstylists try to do whatever we can to ensure that your hair isn’t overprocessed or damaged, the reality is that the bleach used to get your hair blonde still can be somewhat harsh so it’s good to do a deep conditioner every so often to keep your hair healthy and soft. This one from BLNDN is perfect and can be used while you’re in the shower (I usually let it sit while I shave or something.) Or you can even leave it in for a few hours or under heat if you can!

Use the code CHRISTINE20 to get 20% off of all products from BLNDN!

Ok lastly. A few tips for my blondes out there.


My clients are always telling me how their hair doesn’t grow, and usually the main reason is that they refuse haircuts! And then over time, the damaged ends that should have been cut off at your last hair appointment begin to break off on their own and just continue to do so. And in the end you probably end up with shorter hair than you would have had if you got a cut! ( You should be getting a haircut every eight weeks or so. And twelve max!) I know this all from experience. I used to not want haircuts too but I finally am good about it, and my hair has gotten long and stayed healthy.



If you haven’t yet heard about Olaplex, well I am happy to be the bearer of good news. A few years ago, a product came out that allowed us as stylists to get you exactly the color you want without damaging your hair. (Obviously within reason). Olaplex is a product that is added to bleach followed by a conditioning treatment at the shampoo bowl that allows already lightened hair to be lightened again. In other words, if you are a golden blonde but want to be an icy blonde, you can actually have that without having a chemical haircut. I just recently used it on my hair and was able to relighten my whole hair without fear. It’s literally magic. So if you want to protect your hair and go lighter, ask your stylist about it! (It is an extra charge because the product itself is actually pretty pricey. But I promise you it’s worth it to protect your hair!)

Phew. That’s all. Maybe this is a sign I should do hair posts more often since I have so much to say! (And I’m typing this after an almost 12 hour day at the salon so you know I must really love hair.) Please if you have any questions at all about hair or even if you live in the Orange County area and want to see me to get yours done, please email me! (

Hope you all have the best weekend!

xoxo, Christine

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