July 27, 2016



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Dress: Make Me Chic c/o here

Let’s all just have a moment of silence and appreciation for anyone who has managed to get these balloons to cooperate so they have a perfect picture. Seriously. Just wasn’t happening for me.

Ok. Moving on.

It’s my birthdayyyy. 😛 AND I’M 30!!! And guess what I decided my theme song is for my 30th birthday? Taylor Swift’s song “22” because “I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22.” I told Ben that that was going to be my birthday theme song, and he just laughed and said I’m pretty sure that’s just your life theme song. Pretty much, Babe. Pretty much. I’ll probably still be singing that when I’m 90.

In all honesty though, turning 30 is a little weird for me. In some aspects, I think to myself, if this is 30, life is GREAT. Because it really is. I’m happily married, Ben and I both have jobs that we absolutely love, I have been able to travel a ton, and most importantly, I know who I am in Christ and that I’m loved, and at the end of the day that’s what is most important to me.

And then on the other side of that though, I don’t feel like I should be 30 just quite yet. Because doesn’t being 30 mean that you should  have a house and be heading full speed ahead on the baby train?! And when that train hasn’t even arrived at the station, let alone been boarded, it can make you feel like you’re running behind! Some days I still wish I was 25 so that wasn’t the hot topic of conversation. Ben and I are so excited to have babies some day, a few of them at that! But we are just getting settled into him starting his new career. And with that comes a lot of change as well as a lot of new opportunities! And we have some fun things we still want to do before we start having babies because I know that will change our lives forever.

Yesterday when I was out running, I just felt God remind me that I’m right where He wants me to be. And that my story isn’t just like everyone else’s, but that’s ok because it’s MY story. The one God planned out for me before I was even born. And if I simply am putting Him first and living my life to bring Him glory, that’s all that really matters. And just like a lot of people say, age is just a number. And if I feel 22, well then I guess that means turning 30 is going to be super great. And if my goal for 30 is to fall even more in love with Jesus and life and get really good at loving people then there will be nothing better than turning 30. <3

And now onto what you might really be here for: my outfit. 😛 (Actually I really hope you come here because you think I’m so great if I’m being totally honest. 😛 ) I’m all about finding fun dresses that look exactly like Free People but are a fraction of the cost! (Bonus points if someone actually asks you if it’s Free People). This one from Make Me Chic is [insert both hands raised high like we at church praising Jesus emoji]. Seriously love it so much!

And now for the fun stuff! I thought since t’s my birthday what better way to celebrate than having a giveaway?! I am hosting a $150 gift card giveaway to Margaret Elizabeth, which is where the jewelry I’m wearing in this post is from. I needed an updated bracelet stack and I’m loving these two bangles I got along with the ring. They are the perfect combo and go with almost anything so I have been wearing them a ton! To enter the giveaway, just fill out the widget below! The contest runs until the end of August!

Hope you all have the best day! The only thing on my agenda is no work and then dinner with Ben tonight. We have some fun things planned for the weekend but today will be so nice to just do whatever!


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