July 12, 2016

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Dress: SheIn c/o here; Shoes: Sole Society here; Purse: Forever 21 here

Today’s post is all about what to wear to a summer wedding. There are three things that I usually suggest to look for when deciding what to wear to a wedding or other event that requires putting in a little more effort. We all know how easy it would be to grab that floral Forever 21 dress out of your closet. But if you want to make a fashion statement, there a few things to think about. First, I tend to go for solid color dresses. Prints can work on occasion but solid colors are always a safe and timeless choice. Secondly, make sure the dress has some structure to it. Aka you won’t have to worry about this dress getting wrinkled throughout the night when you’re dropping it low on the dance floor. 😛 (Structure doesn’t mean it can’t be flowy! Just that it has some shape to it. ) Last, find a dress that stands out because of it’s unique details. A dress that makes people stop and do a second take of you (and your smooth dance moves) is exactly what you want. This blue lace dress would be the perfect choice! It’s a solid color, has structure and the lace overlay and cutout detailing make it stand out. Check, check, annnnd check!

I have been wearing this all white purse from Forever 21, and I’ve decided it’s a summer closet staple! It’s the perfect summer purse to pair with any outfit. If you’re like me, and every wedding you go to, you’re the first one on the dance floor and the last one off, then these lace up sandals from Sole Society are a great option (also available in nude and black). But they definitely lend themselves to a more casual summer wedding look. If it were me, I would probably put these ones in my purse or under my chair so I was ready when the dance party started. These lace up block heels would be a good choice to pair with this blue lace dress. Or these simple nude heels as well!

Hope this helps you next time you’re on the hunt for the perfect dress to wear to a summer wedding! Or maybe you have just what you need already hiding in your closet, and you just needed my handy dandy checklist to help you make an educated choice. 😛

How do we like my crazy hair?! I experimented with not brushing my hair when I got out of the shower and just letting it do its thing after a night of sleep. It was fun for the day but I think I prefer actually styling my hair though because I get more wear out of it.

This week already feels long, and it’s only half way over! I worked thirteen hours yesterday, and I’m probably currently still sleeping while you’re reading this. But I have a later start today, and that was the longest day I have this week so yay!

Happy Wednesday!




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