August 31, 2016

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Top: Boohoo, sold out, Similar here, here and here; Shorts: H&M, similar here and here; Shoes: Here

Some girls can rock their high heels til the cows come home. Me. I just bought my first pair of “stick” high heels as I like to to call them. And they are about two inches high. We will see how long I last in them. (If I make it more than two hours, sitting included, I deserve a round of applause.) I don’t know what it is but unless I’m in a wedge or a block heel, I can’t do heels too much. And even then they can’t be too high! (Which is crazy because being so short, I would LOVE to get a little height sometimes!) So major props to all of ya’ll who work your 9 to 5 and chase after your babies in heels. 😛

Given the aforementioned you can imagine my absolute DELIGHT at the fact that sneakers are totally acceptable to wear with your everyday looks. And not just your workout wear that says I might have worked out, but I’m probably just heading to Target. With your cute trendy outfits that include dresses, pants, rompers, shorts and skirts! Can I get an A-freaking-men?!

Now, you won’t be pulling our your New Balance actual running shoes that have seven different colors on them to pair with your cute outfits. No, we must have some fashion backing on our choices. I won’t make you write a proof and show me the theorems you used to arrive at your conclusion. (Because Geometry is lame. 😛 ) But I think few parameters are good. You want shoes that are simple in style, perhaps a solid color, and have a flattering shape to them. (Aka they don’t have all those bumps and curves that your super high tech running shoes do. ) I have three pairs in my closet that I think are the perfect shoes for wearing with all types of outfits.

The first is these Nikes here in this post. They are simple, sleek, and can be paired with almost any outfit. They also have some cool texture to them to make them “fashionable”. I paired them with the look in this post, have paired them with jeans and plan to pair them with a lot of my dresses in New York. (Aka they will be in my purse when I hit my two hour mark with my “stick” heels.)  Because they have a slim shape, they are good for your more feminine, girly dresses. If you’re still unsure about the sneakers with everyday looks trend, these Nikes would be the best place to start! They’re also super comfortable so you can’t go wrong with that. (Actually that will probably be my point with every pair of sneakers I mention because that is in fact why I’m suggesting you wear sneakers with your everyday looks in the first place! 😛 )

If you’re feeling a little more bold or maybe just wore these in junior high like I did so you want to try them again, the Adidas Superstar are also a great option! You can see how I styled mine in this post here. Because of the stripes, you might be a little more limited in what you can pair them with but if you opt for more solid color clothing items they can still be a great shoe to wear! I love how adding a sneaker like this kind of tones down your outfit for a look people might not be expecting!

Finally I LOVE my pink Reeboks! (Latest version here) I obviously have been obsessed with pink this summer. And I don’t see that going away! The options for pairing are maybe the most limited with these (unless you love mixing a ton of colors, then go for it!). I love pairing mine with denim, white, black, or grey. And in the fall, I think they would be so cute with some olive green or camo! You can see how I styled mine over the summer here.

So what do you think about the sneaker trend? Have you tried pairing them with your everyday looks? These are my three faves! What are yours? (P.S. All of these shoes come in different colors than these ones so if you want something different, there are tons of options!)

Hope you’re having the best week! I’ve been busy with work and last minute prep for NY! I leave in less than a week! Yippee!



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