September 8, 2016

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Top: Shein c/o here; Dress: Boohoo here; Shoes: Extrafine Footwear here

When I saw this cute little suede overall dress, I had to have it. It can go with so many things and will be so cute with tights and booties for the fall. As for this off the shoulder top, I wish it came in a million colors because I already wore it too many times. I purposefully left it at home so that I wouldn’t wear it again at Fashion Week. These cute little flats are the perfect addition to my ever growing shoe collection!  I love all the buckles and know they will be a staple this fall!

I decided to make a list of random stuff for today’s post because why not! So here ya go!

Ten Things:

  1. I bought a pink suitcase. I might regret my color choice next year when the pantone colors of the year change. (JK, I never even knew what that was until this year..)
  2. Yesterday was the first time I wasn’t scared of the turbulence on the airplane.
  3. My order at Starbucks is always a hot coffee with room or an iced coffee with room. I add half and half and a little sugar. Every few months I’ll splurge and get a soy latte. 😛
  4. This is my first time going to New York. Everyone sounds surprised when I tell them. And I’m like why is that weird? And then I remember I’m 30…
  5. I have dreamt of running through Central Park for as long as I can remember. Well maybe just ever since Rachel and Phoebe did their flailing run in that one Friends episode. Gonna check that one off the bucket list a few times over this next week.
  6. Every new place I go, I always love to go for a run because I feel like you get to explore in a different way than you would otherwise. Last night’s sunset here in Denver was INSANE, and I never would have seen it if I hadn’t been out on my run.
  7. The excitement I have over Ben’s hair finally growing back out after he had to keep it shaved for four months is kind of ridiculous.
  8. My entire house might be pink if I didn’t have a husband. So I guess I might not regret the pink suitcase after all.
  9. I might fangirl over like ten different bloggers if I run into them in New York.
  10. A $4 bouquet of sunflowers from Trader Joes will make my day any day.


Thaaaaat’s all folks!

See you in NY!




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