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Top: Chic Wish c/o here; Skirt: Chic Wish c/o here; Leather Jacket: Zara here; Booties: Target here

If you have been following my blog for any length of time, you know that most of my pieces tend to be pretty affordable. That’s because that’s actually what I can afford while still staying on top of trends. And also, as much as I can I want to keep things affordable for you, my followers! I’m sure a day will come when I get the opportunity to work with some brands that allow me to pick things from price points I might not normally buy but when that day comes, I’ll look at it as a reward for all of my hard work I’ve put in and then I’ll be sure to give you guys similar options in lots of price points!

That being said, I bought one of the first big investment pieces. A REAL leather jacket. I would wear my faux one every other day because it’s always the perfect jacket to match any outfit. But it didn’t have much give, and I knew eventually it was going to end up doing that peeling thing. So I finally decided I should treat myself to a real one since I knew it was something I would wear so often. Or maybe I should say Ben decided for me that I needed it. Anytime I ask him if I should buy something, he says yes. Lucky for him, I don’t always listen. Otherwise he might regret being so great. 😛

Anyways, I am in love with my jacket! It’s so soft and just feels expensive, and I only just wish I had gotten it sooner! I just have a hard time spending a larger amount of money all at once on one thing. Which is funny because I would spend that same amount over the course of time on several things and not even think about. As far as leather jackets go, this one is actually quite reasonable! And it can instantly amp up any outfit and make it glam even if it’s just a t-shirt and jeans! I got my jacket from Zara so make sure you click the link above to see the one I got. I sized up to a medium because my shoulders are a bit too muscular for anything smaller. 😛 I think one of the keys to a great wardrobe is having some key investment pieces and then mixing them with your trendy pieces from Forever 21 or wherever you like to shop. What are some pieces you’ve invested in that you’re happy you did?! (Because now I’m just over here wondering what else I should have gotten a long time ago. )

I was about to type that this was one of my favorite NYFW looks but then I remembered all the outfits I wore and gah, they are all my favorites! But this off the shoulder top is so perfect for tucking in to skirts or high-waisted denim! And I am loving this swing skirt too! Both of these pieces are from Chic Wish, and I literally always love everything I get from them!

P.S. Funny story. Alena and I got interviewed by Ipsy while we were out here taking photos, and they did that thing where they ask you who you’re wearing. And the funniest part to me was when I told them my boots were Target. Yah you better believe this girl makes Target designer when she goes to New York Fashion Week! I mean it’s all about how you wear it right? 😛

Have the happiest weekend!





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