September 27, 2016

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Jacket: PacSun here; Romper: Asos here; Shoes: H&M, sold out, similar here and here

I have a chronic habit of the second someone compliments my outfit, I reply with how much it cost. Generally because I got it for such a good deal. I mean if it’s already cute by itself then how much cuter is it if it’s that cute and it’s only $20?! 😛 I have found myself always doing this on my Instagram too, and I’ve started to wonder if I sound like a sales person. But really, I just consider you all my friends, and I would make sure all of my friends in real life knew about the good deal I found so why wouldn’t I tell you too?!

I did however start to think about why I do that. And I know exactly why. I got it from my family. I come from a family of shoppers. My grandma is a deal finder. I grew up from a young age going shopping with her, and we were all about the bargains. She even had\s a plaque someone made for her that says, “Berdie’s Bargain Basement” because her house is always full of all the good deals. And for some reason in my family, we always liked to let each other know that we scored a good deal when we had a cute outfit on. 😛

And why do I tell you all this?! Well because this romper is a heck of a good deal and still available in almost all sizes! It’s different than most rompers I own because of the longer cut that sort of makes it look like a dress but I ended up loving the style so much.

Ok so now onto the real MVP of this post. This short sleeve denim jacket. Ever since one of my fave bloggers, Cara Loren, posted wearing one similar to this, I have been on the lookout for one. Living in Southern California can have its downsides come fall. Yes, I LOVE sweaters and jacket, but the reality is I won’t be layering that much because it doesn’t really ever get that cold here. I also can’t really wear long sleeves to work since my hands are in color and washing hair all day.  So I was so excited to find this one. I love it paired with dresses, rompers, jeans and shorts. (Yes I have already managed to pair it in all those ways in the short time since I’ve had it…) I got a medium for an oversized fit! You’ll probably see me wearing this all season long with my Starbucks coffee with two pumps of pumpkin in hand! (That’s my trick for saving calories because that PSL is just too good so I usually get just one or two each season!)

P.S. THIS WAS MY FAVORITE PLACE WE WENT TO IN NEW YORK. It’s the Top of the Rock (Rockefeller Center), and the 360 degree view of the city is incredible. I literally could have stayed up there for hours just staring and trying to capture the beauty in a photo. Until I realized as usual, photos never do anything justice.

Hope you all are having a fab week! Monday at 2pm, I came home, woke up Ben from his post-work nap and told him we should go to San Diego for the night. So we packed our bags and took a quick 24-hour trip. I love being spontaneous, and it’s so crazy how so little time can feel like a lot when you get away. We had the best time together, and it was much needed!




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