October 22, 2016

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock this fall season, then I’m sure you have seen the bomber trend everywhere! There’s so many options of styles and color combos. They are such a great way to dress up a jeans and tee look! If you are unsure about the trend and want to try it out, this one from Target is a great one to start with. Denim is always a safe choice when it comes to trying new trends. And that one would be so cute styled with a dress too to make it more casual.  Shein where my jacket is from has SO many fun ones! You can see them all HERE. (Also if you’re curious about shopping at Shein and have questions, I have a post all about that here.)

I’ll never understand people who sit at concerts. Like yes if it’s some nice relaxing piano playing with a smooth singer, and that’s the kind of environment, sure, sit and take it all in. But at a country concert where the beats get your feet moving and before you know it sitting in your seat isn’t cutting it, and you just wanna dance and sing your little heart out, there is no time for sitting. 😛 Ben and I went to see Keith Urban, Brett Eldredge and Maren Morris on Thursday, and everyone around us was just sitting! At first I felt bad blocking their view, but then I was like if they can’t see over or around my short little self, then they can stand up! So you better believe I sang and danced the entire time. We had so much fun! We actually were so surprised how incredible Keith Urban was in concert. I like him but I wasn’t dying to see him or anything, but he just put on such an incredible show! It was the perfect way to celebrate our anniversary!

Hope you have the best weekend!




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