November 1, 2016


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Top: Forever 21, similar here and here; Overalls: Target here, similar in denim here

I’m pretty sure these wide leg overalls are one of my most favorite items I have ever owned. They’re a little outside of the box for me, yet I absolutely love everything about them. It took my taking a picture of myself in them in the dressing room to decide I should actually get them. (Does anyone else do that?!) And I may have sent it to a friend and my Snapchat story for more approval. 😛 The legs are SO wide and a little crazy but something about the cut and fit of the whole thing makes them just work. I was at a hair class a few weeks ago, and the girl teaching it was wearing these overalls, and I could not believe when she told me they were from Target! They seriously look like Free People. But obviously for a fraction of the cost.

It’s kind of funny how I never thought I’d wear anything other than skinny jeans, and slowly but surely I’m adding flared pants in all shapes and sizes to my closet. I also remember that I used to make fun of my mom for wearing her pants so high. Because I thought she was just wearing them high because she was a “mom”. And now I can barely stand when my pants are low and almost prefer high-rise pants or at least mid-rise.

What fashion trends did you used to thing were weird, and you’ve slowly started to embrace them?

I’m getting so excited for our trip. I went on a little shopping spree with one of my friends at Forever 21 (always dangerous) and got some cute new things to wear in San Fransisco. I’m looking forward to exploring, eating good food, and mostly just spending time with Ben. This will be our first real vacation together since before he started the fire academy for his new job back in March! And as much as I’ll travel anywhere with anyone, trips with the hubs are always the best.

Happy Wednesday!

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