December 11, 2016

Boys. Are. Funny.

And I bet that most of you can relate with the story I’m about to tell. Every time I get a pedicure or a massage, and I come home and tell Ben how amazing it was and how much he would like it, he just laughs at me, and shakes his head as if he would never enjoy it. But if any of you have a husband like mine, they secretly LOVE the idea of being pampered. And maybe even putting expensive stuff on their skin…




When my Tula skincare came in the mail, I kept telling Ben to try it. And he kept acting like it was too “girly”, and why would he want to try it. Welllll, I finally convinced him, and you guys he is SO into it. I’m probably going to have to buy him his own soon. And maybe someday in the future Tula will disguise themselves in men’s packaging so other guys not as easily persuaded as my hubby will try it out too. 😉 Ben even recently told me his current step-by-step shaving routine ends with the Tula Hydrating Day and Night Cream, and his skin feels like a baby’s backside after. 😛

Ok, now enough about Ben (Jk, I could talk about him forever). But you might really be here to learn about Tula so here goes! You guys, I am completely sold. Ever since my 25th birthday, I have been telling myself I needed to invest in skincare. For some reason, however, I couldn’t bring myself to pay the prices. Which is kind of silly because I can’t tell you how many drugstore products I have bought that I didn’t love, and they ended up half-used and thrown in the trash. With all that money spent, I could have invested in one thing I really did like! The funny part is that when I actually went to buy Tula, I realized that for the basics (say a cleanser and moisturizer), it really wasn’t that much!

I first saw Tula hit the blogging scene maybe a year or so ago, and because bloggers I know and trust to give honest reviews said such good things about it, I wanted to try it. Still however, I was hesitant to buy! So when they emailed me to collaborate, I was SO excited! And while I was gifted two of the products in this post, I ended up purchasing two more as well. And I want to get the eye cream as well!

If you know me, you know I won’t tell you I love something unless I really do. You guys I LOVE TULA. My skin has never felt or looked better. I would always have problems with dryness or certain products causing irritation and sometimes burning on my sensitive skin, and with Tula, none of that happens! Besides all that, my skin looks so much brighter too. Ben kept noticing and saying how great it looks too! In addition to the cleanser and moisturizer, I also have this mask  and this anti-aging serum. The serum is the most expensive of all the products but I’m pretty sure it will probably last me six months (unless Ben keeps sharing with me 😛 ). And I think it’s key if I still want to see that surprised look on people’s face when I tell them I’m thirty so #worthit.

And now for the most exciting part! I have a discount code for you! Use the code MOXIEHOLIDAY25 for 25% off of your entire purchase and free shipping! This would be the perfect gift for your mom, sister, BFF, and yes, even your husband or boyfriend! If you want to just try it out too before you really invest, they have this great little starter kit!

Cheers to happy skin!

P.S. Sorry for the unplanned absence for the past week! I haven’t had anyone to help me with photos lately, and with the holiday season, my days at the salon have been extra busy! But I have photos ready to post for this week, and I’m hoping to convince Ben to join me in a cute post with his new J Crew clothes. (This is probably another one of those things where he secretly wants to be in my photos but is acting like he doesn’t right?! #agirlcandream)




MOXIEHOLIDAY25 for 25% off and free shipping!

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