January 1, 2017



Such a BIG year in the Bennett household. Right now, in this moment, I would say 2016 was amazing and wonderful. But when I think about everything this last year entailed, it definitely had its fair share of trials. The biggest thing that happened for us this year was that my husband, Ben, got his dream job and became a firefighter. He worked so hard, and we both sacrificed so much for him to get there, and I know God was with us every step of the way. With the joy of his getting hired last March came one of the hardest seasons of our marriage. In order for him to be able to give everything to starting out his new career, he moved out of our home temporarily to be closer to where he was training and be with the guys he was training with so that they could help each other out and motivate each other. We would see each other once a week for approximately 24 hours, and he was barely able to text or call at all during the in between times. Even when he was home, he was mostly studying, and then we would sneak out for a quick date night. Looking back now, it seems like such a short time, but in the moment it was hard. It’s strange to be married and so in love and happy and then not be able to share daily life together and kind of feel like you’re single. But you guys, we serve such a GOOD God. What could have left me jaded and possibly depressed really just grew my love for my husband and for all to the amazing friends, family and support I had in my life. I cannot thank all of my girlfriends ENOUGH. You all know who you are and whether it was a text or sitting on my couch or even sharing the empty place in my bed with me for sleepovers, that season of life wouldn’t have been the same without you. I made so many good memories this year, even if Ben didn’t always get to be there. I think in a way it prepared me for the life we have ahead of us because I know with Ben’s job, there will be more times like that season, though hopefully never for that long. But I know I have an amazing support system and if going to Cancun and then your first New York Fashion Week with girlfriends doesn’t make it all a little better, well by golly I’m not sure what would. 😛 All joking aside, I’m so thankful for what 2016 taught me and how much God blessed Ben and me. We are beyond thankful.

Not sure how to transition from that to talking about my outfit but in case that’s more what you came here for, 2016 was also the year I really worked on filling my closet with staples that I will wear over and over again. Finding good jeans, tops, and jackets that  you can rotate through and pair with everything is key! I still love having statement pieces I don’t wear as often to keep my wardrobe exciting. Because otherwise things might get boring! But having staples in your closet makes getting ready so easy! This Super Dry Jacket is definitely an investment piece but it’s a classic cut and color that will be timeless so it will be worth the investment! These black denim are probably one of my most worn pairs of denim this past year. If you haven’t gotten yourself a pair yet, DO IT! I discovered I love having a variety of white tops that have detailing on them and can be paired with almost any bottoms. I love this one, and it also comes in black! And a good pair of shoes like the ones I’m wearing are always a winning way to make a simple outfit a fashion statement.

Don’t forget you can use the code MOX_IE for 15% off of your purchase at Daniel Wellington! I wear one of my few watches from there almost everyday. It’s my favorite piece of jewelry!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you all had the best holiday season with your families! I am so thankful for all of you continuing to support this blog of mine! Let me know if there’s anything you would like to see in the next year!




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